Whatever Happened to Thomas Wayne Jr?

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I recently learned that Thomas Wayne Jr wasn't just made up for Owlman but was an ongoing (if you count being in more than one story ongoing) character, what happened? Was he just dropped after Infinite Earths?

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He is still active and has appeared in any and all stories featuring the Cryme Syndicate, which is when the regular universe has a connection with Earth-3
After Crisis on Infinite Earths I can think of appearances during the Justice League era written by Grant Morrison
Also with Infinite Crisis the multiverse was brought back and he has made appearances since then, ones that come to mind are Trinity and Countdown, probably will also have an appearance in Grant Morrison's Multiversity project of 2010

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Thanks I'll have to pick up the new book when it comes out.
I was more wondering about the mental deranged version of the 1970s and why that isn't still around.
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I've never read silver age stuff so don't know if it still acts like that one

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I've been trying to find more of the silver age Thomas Jr after reading most of the modern stuff. Really looking forward to the movie (animation straight to DVD) though.
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@emif: He got killed during a scuffle between Batman & Superman and some gold smugglers.
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@Richard S! Preston: Thank you. I haven't been able to find anything on what happened to him.

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