He Kinda..

#1 Posted by Venom-Hulker_1 (1669 posts) - - Show Bio

He kinda reminds me of Doctor Doom Anyone agree?

#2 Posted by Ares (God Of War) (113 posts) - - Show Bio

Which one?

#3 Posted by Venom-Hulker_1 (1669 posts) - - Show Bio

The one from the original Fantastic Four(1961-1962)!

#4 Posted by CodeSaint (169 posts) - - Show Bio

Sure,he even is named Victor too.Larsen said he likes to imagine all the superheroes exist in the same world so he make expies of other heroes and villains sometimes.

#5 Posted by Rell127 (396 posts) - - Show Bio


That Universe would be destroyed every day and re-created the same day. Alot of people would die and also alot of heroes would fight one another.

#6 Posted by TheGoldenOne (38932 posts) - - Show Bio
Yeah, he does.

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