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Antonio Seghetti grew up in Chicago around the time of Al Capone and became fascinated with the Mafia way of life. When his sister was being sexually assaulted in an alleyway, Seghetti stabbed the man responsible and claimed his first victim. This act led to a life of crime and he soon came under the wing of the man who would become Octopus whilst also rising up through the ranks of the Mafia.

Once he had reached a position of authority in the Mafia, Seghetti vowed to never lose his power but this position came under threat when super-powered freaks became the dominant figures in Chicago’s crime sector. Seeking resources and methods with which to cement his leadership position in Chicago, Seghetti forged alliances with the nation of Lieberheim and the CyberData organization.


Overlord created by Erik Larsen

Character Evolution

Image Universe

Antonio Seghetti

Sebastian Khan had long been Seghetti’s second-in-command and his mastery of cybernetics led him to construct a suit of armor for his leader. Seghetti donned the impressive battle-suit and took on the guise of OverLord. Soon after, he turned his back on Khan and formed the Vicious Circle, an organized crime cartel composed of mainly super-powered freaks. The Vicious Circle overpowered the traditional mafia crime families and enabled OverLord to hold the whole of Chicago in his grip.

Victor Nixon

Following the death of Antonio Seghetti, the OverLord armor was locked up in Stronghold Penitentiary. It was briefly worn by both Mace and CyberFace before getting thrown away by BrainiApe. The device was left lying around in Pipetown where the Vicious Circle battled against Dragon, the Chicago Police Department and various heroes. It was picked up during the melee by Vic Nixon who spotted it as a means for him to spy on the object of his affection, Rita Medermade.

Nixon began wearing the armor more and more and soon started noticing that he could not remember the events that had occurred whilst he wore it. This was due to Seghetti’s downloaded mind gaining an increasing amount of control over both the armor and Nixon himself. After OverLord started killing again, he refused to allow Nixon his freedom for fear of discovery and kept him trapped inside.

Savage World Universe

Antonio Seghetti

Antonio Seghetti (OverLord I)

In the reality that Dragon ended up on following his confrontation with Damien DarkLord, Antonio Seghetti never faced Dragon. CyberFace led his Annihilators against his former friend and killed him in front of the entire Vicious Circle. He then took the armor for his own use.

OverLord II

OverLord II

Following CyberFace’s death aboard Vanguard’s spaceship, the OverLord armor was left in the vessel to prevent it falling into the wrong hands. When the spaceship was temporarily disassembled, the armor was left drifting in space. It eventually fell back down to Earth where it was recovered by officers of the Chicago Police Department. The armor was to be a surprise gift to Dragon during the party held to celebrate his return to the force. Unfortunately, Octopus and OpenFace activated it via remote control and had it fire off its deadly photon blast, annihilating the precinct and killing almost everyone inside. They then had the armor fly to them where they set about making the device their puppet as they seized control of the Vicious Circle.

Dataman was brought in to add his expertise to their own but he betrayed his colleagues by aiding an unseen man take possession of the armor. This new OverLord killed Dataman to preserve his secret identity before destroying all of the equipment that had been used to control the armor.

Major Story Arcs

Image Universe:

Antonio Seghetti

The Leader of The Vicious Circle

Vicious Circle

The Vicious Circle ran unopposed for quite some time until Savage Dragon joined the Chicago Police Department. Savage Dragon would immediately become a thorn in the side of OverLord and after a year or so; the pair would have their first physical encounter. Savage Dragon would be brutally beaten by his foe.


CyberFace Rebels Against OverLord

OverLord’s habit of incinerating Vicious Circle members that failed him in any matter would become a source of great unrest amongst his underlings. Sebastian Khan eventually obtained super-powered abilities through the CyberData organization and came to be known as CyberFace. CyberFace would form a rival crime cartel called the Annihilators. The Annihilators proved to OverLord’s minions that rebellion against him was possible and others began to show signs of mutiny.

The Death Of Antonio Seghetti

Dragon Takes Down OverLord

When CyberFace provided information to the police regarding OverLord, Savage Dragon went to confront his nemesis once more. Although all of the S.W.A.T. team members sent as Dragon's back-up were killed, OverLord’s defences were deactivated by Dragon’s gunfire. Savage then took a single shot at his foe’s mouth and killed him instantly. Although Antonio Seghetti was shot dead, this would not be the last time Dragon faced him.

Seghetti In Hell

OverLord In Hell

Savage would eventually find himself in Hell following a confrontation with the demonic entity known as the Fiend. The Fiend found a kindred spirit in the soul of Antonio Seghetti and empowered the villain so that he could have revenge upon Savage. This failed quickly too and Seghetti’s soul was left to burn in Hell forever. However, Seghetti had successfully downloaded his mind into his armor before his death, leading to his return from the dead.

Victor Nixon

OverLord Reclaims Leadership Over The Vicious Circle

Nixon Kills Dragon Wife

OverLord set about reclaiming the leadership of the Vicious Circle, but when he seemingly killed Jennifer Murphy at her wedding to Dragon, things began to fall apart. Dragon dedicated himself to locating and eliminating his arch-enemy and found an ally in the form of PowerHouse, one of those villains looking to rule the Vicious Circle himself.

The Death Of Vic Nixon

Dragon renewed his search for OverLord with new intelligence but was taken prisoner by his foe’s followers. He broke out of a death trap and defeated these villains before ultimately confronting OverLord himself. Dragon pummelled his enemy until the helmet popped open to reveal Nixon’s face, having died from a heart attack brought on by the shock of this assault. The OverLord armor was then taken away and destroyed by the authorities before any other innocent lives could be lost.

Savage World Universe:

OverLord II

OverLord II Reform The Vicious Circle To The Circle

The New OverLord

The new OverLord immediately set about claiming power by murdering the reigning leader of the Vicious Circle, Buster Justice. He then renamed the organization simply "The Circle" and re-dedicated them away from crime and towards procuring freak rights. Captain Jack Stewart became a surprise ally to OverLord and when Dragon reverted back to his original Emperor Kurr persona, they worked together to try to bring him down in several failed attempts.

OverLord Becomes Chicago Newest Hero

Due to a combination of a desire to move away from criminal enterprises and the large number of their colleagues dying under his command, the Vicious Circle rebelled against OverLord's rule and rejected him as their leader. With his minions having abandoned him, OverLord found himself alone in his quest to change the public's perception of super-freaks and sought out advice from Captain Stewart. He was fearful of waging open warfare against the Vicious Circle for fear of killing his former allies and causing other death and destruction, but Stewart pointed out that such carnage was now inevitable. If OverLord was to truly achieve his goals, he would need to become a role model to super-freaks everywhere and this causes OverLord to take up a role as one of Chicago's heroes.

Powers & Abilities

Power Suit

Overlord wears a suit of armor that enhances his strength and gives great durability. The suit can fire blasts of energy hot enough to disintegrate a person.


He's a brilliant criminal leader and mastermind.

Other Versions

Other Media


OverLord (Savage Dragon Cartoon)

OverLord appeared in several episodes of Savage Dragon animation show, he was voice by Tony Jay.

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