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Outworlders are the native species that exist in Outworld. Outworlders seem to only be utlized in Shao Kahns armies if they have superior combat abilities, like Reiko, leading to the conclusion that Tarkatans, Shokan, and Centaurs have higher statis atleast during Shao Kahns control.


Outworlders look human like most sentient species throughout the realms though their are notable diffences. Outworlders have an extended lifespan allowing them to live for thousands of years. Outworlders have a natural afinity for magic which manifest in ways benefitting to the user, ie Bo' Rai Cho's seismic powers being attributed to his large girth.
Personality:   Outworlders vary in personality as much as humans do. While the most famous ones are know for their tyrannical ambitions like Shao Kahn, Bo' Rai Cho is a martial arts master working against the chaos that Outworld spreads to other realms. Li Mei is a fighter working to free her village from the Deadly Alliance. Most Outworlders just attempt to survive whoever is ruling them at the time. With constant states of upheavel and turmoil Outwirlders have become very good at perserving their spirit 


Outworlders use magic more than technology. While grand cities and Shao Kahns paalce are littered across Outworld these were built with similar technology to the ancient Egyptians. Outworlds lack of technology is what makes Earthrealm such a prize in Shao Kahns eyes. Shao Kahns military is they only area to utilze modern weaponry due to Kano and the Balck Dragons bartering it for Shao Kahns favor. 
Notable Members:  
Shao Kahn- The most current ruler of Outworld. Shao Kahn is a tyrannical leader using Mortal Kombat and direct conquest to add to his empire. Shao Kahn is noted as the most powerful Outwolrder since the only beings aboe to stand against him are sorcerors (Shang Tsung, Quan Chi), Gods(Rayden, Fujin, Shinnok), Onaga, and Liu Kang.

Bo' Rai Cho-
A martial arts master who does not agree with Shao Kahns methods. Bo' Rai Cho is noted for teaching martial arts to people who stand against Outworld such as Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Li Mei, and Shijinko.

Li Mei- Li Mei village was enslaved to build a palace around Shang Tsung's soulando. Li Mei had attacked the enforcers and was noticed by Quan Chi who said that if she won a tournement she would be able to go free. After some training witrh Shujinko Li Mei was victorious and was then "free" to become a dragon king solider under Quan Chi's control. Li  mei was partially spared this fate though she took on someof the Dragon Soliders charcteristics.    

General Reiko- A member of the Brotherhood of Shadow, Reiko is noted for his brutality in combat. After Shinnoks failed attempt to conquer Edenina, Reiko ended up serving as Shao Kahns general. Reiko grew to envy Shao Kahn and even wanted to become him. He wields a war hammer just like Kahn and has bee know to where his helmet when Shao Kahn is not around 
Powers and Abilities: 
Elemental Powers   
Outworlders  seem to have atleast some who are capapble of using elemental powers. Bo' Rai Cho's seismic powers and Shao Kahn's energy charges support this.
Outworlders have a naturally longer lifespan than humans due to their magic potential. Shao Kahn is noted to be well over 10,000 years old.
Magic Potenial 
Outworlders seem to have a greater affinity for magic than humans since their society revolves around magic.  
Martial Arts 
Most, if not all Outworlders practice some form of martial arts, they are noted warriors and have to be since the other native species are formitable warriors as well.

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