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The finale of "Checkout," the crossover with CHECKMATE! The White King calls on the Dark Knight to aid the combined Outsiders-Checkmate strikeforce, even as one member is exposed by the events of AMAZONS ATTACK!


While Nightwing and Captain Boomerang are figuring a way to escape a cell, the Outsiders are fighting the army of Egg Fu. Batman arrives to assist the Outsiders, having been called in by Nightwing, informing the team that Nightwing and Boomerang have been moved and are being held in North Korea. Nightwing escapes the cell with Captain Boomerang in tow and they arrive too late to catch Egg Fu. Instead, they find Batman aiding Sasha Bordeaux, who was left to the torturous machinations of Egg Fu. The Outsiders and Checkmate's Knights take care of the last of Egg Fu's defenses, a giant monster. Back at the Outsider's base, Nightwing speaks to Batman, deciding that he can't continue to lead the team because there is no family or friend dynamic, like with his time in the Teen Titans. He suggests Batman take charge of the team, asking him, "Don't you think it has a nice ring to it? Batman and the Outsiders." Batman replies, "Maybe." Nightwing appears very confident that Batman's maybe is actually a confirmation.

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Batman is king! He is now leading the Outsiders again...GOOD! I wonder who will leave and who will stay. And I wonder if he will add people.This issue had more of Egg Fu (who escaped) torturing the Black Queen...they did not resolve the involvement of the Great Ten. I really liked this issue and I can see a lot of repurcussions in store for Checkmate coming up. I hope Sasha is ok...I have always liked her ever since she was Batman's bodyguard. This issue pretty much led to the point of Batman be...

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