What other people?

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What other people can you see on this team? First in my book is nemesis from Wildcats:

Who else do you think should be on this team.

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I'm hoping Tempest would join this team eventually. But for now, the 3 of them is the ideal team.

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Yeah even I want Tempest to join the team and it is possible! He gets tired of being judged because of his purple eyes and gets a little rough?

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Too many people would ruin the team. They're not the Teen Titans.

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I wouldnt mind if Scarlet got her face fixed & joined the team.

3 people isnt a team. You need at least 5.

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I think Garth could make a pretty cool addition and maybe even Donna Troy

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I can think of one person who definitely needs to exist again and that the Outlaws would benefit from.

Though it's pretty much unlikely given how the editors are against joy and hope existing in the current DCU.

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