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 It's a new day and Zach, Jess, Casey, and Mark are still recovering from the tragic events that have engulfed them, as their hometown of El Dorado City is now gone.  The four teens, along with Reverend Becky and Abel, have taken to the road in the Grace Church bus.  But as they drive the backwoods of the California and Nevada desert, our heroes can only wonder about the unique and special powers they were granted.  It's a great responsibility placed on their shoulders, and they'll use their gifts in order to bring their home back to where it used to be.

Only Draedalus' goblin underlings can provide some clues, offering some kind of key to the limbo that El Dorado City is in.  But first, our heroes must find the goblins to get any answers.  Does El Dorado City even still exist, somewhere in the dark realm?  Can our young heroes get back to it and save their friends and families? As their quest begins they find sanctuary in the town of Purgatory — a sad speck of dust that is home to Max Ostrow, the comic-book creator behind the prophetic "Damn Nation."  But Purgatory is also infested by the hordes of Draedalus!







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