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Otto von Todt shakes hands with a malnourished Heinrich Augsburg
Otto's faith in the Third Reich was unquestionable and he survived the second World War only to be hunted down in Brazil and killed by Nazi hunters. His interactions with Requiem began with Requiem's secret Jewish lover Rebecca, whom Otto was responsible for killing. After Otto died, he was resurrected in Dracula's Résurrection as part of the ruling class of vampires because of his astonishing cruelty. 

Otto's gift to Requiem comes complete with a victim/comic relief

Otto first met Heinrich (Requiem) in Résurrection when Otto was investigating a group of grave robbers. He lost control of his impalement gun and Heinrich took it from a zombie that would have killed Otto with it. Heinrich saved Otto and the two became good friends. Otto even gave Heinrich some blood from his own flask and escorted him to the Moon for vampire training from Lord Cryptos. After two years, Otto and the newly-knighted Requiem went to a bar together to renew their old friendship. It was here that Otto told Requiem about Lord Mortis, Claudia Demona, and Baron Samedi who were also in the bar. The trio were harassing a barmaid, looking for a new victim, and Requiem attacked Lord Mortis. Otto apologized for honorable Requiem. After this incident, Otto and Requiem were confronted by a Kobold (dwarf) named Igor. Igor showed Requiem a mirror that reflected his past self as Heinrich Augsburg and Otto flew into a rage before smashing the mirror and having Igor arrested. Igor became Requiem's new victim as part of his new quarters, but he escaped captivity. 

Otto's lust for Mother Terror's blood almost gets him killed
During the attack on London, Otto piloted the Armageddon against the mutants. He was shot down and Requiem (at this time visited by the angry ghost of Rebecca) tried to kill him, but could not bear to slay Otto. Otto is later seen in a battle with Mother Terror, though he is quickly dispatched as his horse is slain. Despite this, he is the first to bite into Mother Terror with gratitude of her putrid taste. 

Nobody styles like Otto
Later, at the Danse Macabre, Otto indulges in his two victims: the twins Bizette and Sophie. He offers Requiem Bizette, but he leaves for Claudia, and so Otto begins to "milk" Bizette of her blood only to discover that she had been poisoned. Otto does not have a major role again until he tells Requiem the news that the Lemurian campaign was not going well. He then escorts Requiem to Dracula's kingdom. 
Requiem and Otto fight together in a titanic battle against the forces of the rebellious Lemurian alliance. In the midst of the battle, the first few cracks in their friendship begin to form when Otto confronts Requiem after his duel with Sean. Rebecca stops Requiem from killing Sean and Otto intervenes. He attempts to kill Rebecca, saying that it's for Requiem's own good, but Requiem stops him. After a short brawl, Claudia stops them and informs them of Dracula's plan to unleash the berserkers. Otto takes Rebecca prisoner and the rest of the Lemurians are slaughtered.  
Otto accompanies Requiem to the party aboard the S.S. Satanic in commemoration of Dracula's victory over the rebels. He is on the deck when he witnesses Requiem kissing Rebecca after he tricked Claudia into taking her place among the prisoners. Enraged, he takes off after their plane in one of his own in the midst of a dragon attack. Otto enlists the mysterious Inquisition to take Rebecca and separate her from Requiem. He takes her back to his dungeon and tortures her on a mental level, expressing his hatred for her in the form of books he wrote complete with gruesome pictures of how he kills her in the stories. Requiem appears in spectral form and attacks Otto, leading to a duel that leaves Otto horribly scarred and gives Rebecca ample opportunity to escape. 

Powers and Abilities

Otto blasting away his enemies with ease

Like most of the vampires in Requiem: Chevalier Vampire, Otto has adapted most - if not all - of a traditional vampire's abilities. He is a skilled commander of his ship the Armageddon, and has made proficient use of the impalement gun as well as a large sword. He is also skilled in magic. 

As evidenced in his fight with Requiem, Otto is almost impossible to kill. He survived a volley from a Civil War-era piano gun whereas his vampire underlings did not. He also survived being shot with silver weapons and even chopped with a silver meat cleaver. 

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