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Firefly Family 
Otis B Drfitwood was abused and neglected by his parents from birth, though he himself has never told the full story it is rumored that he was brutally raped and abused so badly as a child to the extent where he would be chained to his cot and beaten, his parents did not give him a name at birth. At the age of 13 he committed his first murder slicing the throat of a young woman and raping her dead body, naming himself after the Marx Brothers film, he set off.
After the murder he left his family and was told to be wondering the countryside causing mayhem and havoc. A few years later he met Captain Spaulding in Ruggsville Texas it is said the two crossed paths during a bungled bank robbery that Otis was part of, though it has also been stated that they met through Spauldings brother Charlie.  
Either way Otis was soon to be a firm member of the family and awarded them the Nickname of Firefly Family.  Otis fit in immediately and became close with Vera Ellen, Rufus and Tiny all children of Mother Firelfy.  
Otis found a kindred spirit in Vera Ellen and nicknamed her Angel Baby, the two of them left the farm and went on a killing spree across the state, it was rumored that during that time the two of them joined a cult of Dr Satan and this is how the pair bought the Dr to live with the family to be part of their murderous sprees. Angel Baby returned to the homestead a few years later to be followed by Otis, where the two of them once again settled in with the family to continue doing what they do best... murder and mayhem. Otis is said to have a taste for flesh and also for Necrophilia

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