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The young woman named Bina Nawoti is a telepath of admirable abilities who decided to increase her training in a more unorthodox manner by joining the Legion Academy on Earth. After some time as a student at the Academy she The Legion is ordered to do nothing that will make the tension between the United Planets and the Dominion any worse. And the rescue squad is two reservists, A Legionnaire on Medical Leave, A youngster who resigned to go, And two prospective members. They are. Duplicate Damsel, Mwindaji, Otaki and Bouncing Boy. Mon-EL at this says

Miindiji after this says. I have many years experience tracking in the outer worlds, Legionnaire.. And none but the legendary Dawnstar even bested me. Bring me to the world where they are, And I will find your allies. Otaki touching his Shoulder adds. We are both ready, Sir. I studied Doctor with Doctor Aven before Titanfall and even if my powers are not the same as the Titanians'. My range will make up for my other limitations. Muindaji adds. We will save your friends. Otaki finishing with. Or fall with them. As they place they hands on top of his Starboy says.

the rescue time enters the dominators homeworld. Star Boy says. We're in! Duplicate Damsel adds. It's getting out that's the trick, Thom! Otaki then adds. The dominator's minds are ALIEN, But I feel no anxiety directed at us. They have not detected our presence. Otaki then touches the dominator with her powers and says. So this is the species I have been mindsensing? How PECULIAR... Howww... mwindaji comes up to her and says. Do not get LOST in its mind, Otaki. They are terrible beasts.

Otaki trying to do something then says. His creatures may protect his body, But-- The dominatior leading this all says. But you presume to touch my mind, Earther? How little you know of the castes! As he does something to Otaki it causes her to say. ohhh.. He adds. Our wills are stronger than yours.

! Otaki then says pointing to the pods. Hurry, Brainiac-- Because even if Star Boy can hold this monster-Otaki to Duplicate Damsel on the dominators says. Teacher-- The creatures in the cocoons-- Their minds are still quiescent-- They won't wake unless they "Bloom".. Duplicate Damsel at this says. If they don't wake, They're not dangerous Mon-EL with lasers hitting him says. Take the Coluan Cruiser Thom came, And get everyone out of here. As he picks up a piece of the ground he adds. Jo and I will clean up the rest. Otaki at this says. The training holos do not do him justice. Duplicate Damsel to this says. Careful, Otaki you mindsense is broadcasting rather LOUDLY... Soon on the ship Otaki says. We can never earn places with Heroes like that. Mwindaji. Mwindaaji at this says. I am ready to return to the academy. Duplicate Damsel at this says. You did well both of you.. Or you'd be dead. As she walks somewhere she adds. Some of our graduates have done well as Legionnaires

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