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The spirit calling itself Osiris began to torment Melinda Gordon when she had crossed over ghosts that, according to Osiris, "had been judged worthy of his kingdom", calling her "stealer of souls". Melinda was not convinced, believing that the supposed Egyptian god of the dead was in fact, just another earth-bound spirit that had yet to find peace.
After multiple times of ghosts being crossed over into the light against Osiris's will, the spirit was revealed to have been a girl named Rachel Scarborough, a former student of Richard Payne. She had applied for a program where she'd get to go to Egypt and study the artifacts in their place. However, the scheduled trip had been cut short by cancer, and her parents forbade her from going. Inspired by the myth of Osiris, Rachel had decided that cancer wouldn't stop her from living. As a ghost, she had assumed the guise of Osiris, seeking the companionship of fellow Earth-bound spirits that had yet to cross into the light. Ultimately, in a final confrontation between Rachel/Osiris, her parents, Professor Payne and Melinda Gordon, Rachel agreed to cross over into the light once she found out that her work on translating hieroglyphs would be published in a book on Egyptian mythology, effectively immortalizing her.

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