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Osira and her husband Hefnakhti were aliens who crash-landed on Earth. They were worshiped as gods in ancient Egypt, but an old priest spoke out against them because they took free will from the people to maintain "peace." He trapped them in a pyramid and they stayed trapped until 1942 until tanks destroyed it. Osira escaped, but her husband died.


Osira's first appearance was in Wonder Woman #231, May 1977. Martin Pasko was writer on that issue, with Bob Brown as penciler.

Major Story Arcs


Once freed from her imprisonment, Osira once again turned to forcing peace on the world. World leaders had their wills taken and were made to enter peace talks. Wonder Woman realized the truth and attempted to stop Osira, but was overpowered and became her prisoner. Osira saw that Steve Trevor looked like her dead husband, and hypnotized him into believing that he was Hefnakhti. Wonder Woman managed to escape and began the fight again. The spirit of Hefnakhti appeared and convinced Osira to stop fighting, and the pair disappeared.

"One Year Later"

As part of "One Year Later," Osira was seen fighting Donna Troy (as Wonder Woman) and Cassie Sandsmark (as Wonder Girl).

Powers and Abilities

Osira can shoot blasts of energy from her hands, and create a shield around herself. Her power is not unlimited, however, and must be recharged.

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