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As a scientist savant on his home world within the Caldaran Dominions, he was commissioned to create a weapon so powerful it could end a seemingly endless war against the Sextus Hive. The Hive was able to ward off every conventional weapon thrown at them. He had to employ an unconventional strategy to create the impossible.

The Unbinding Stone was created, an object that could "repeal the very laws of physics".

He was the one that activated this weapon in the final assault on the Hive.

Sadly, he was too successful, his weapon too powerful, for the Unbinding Stone tore reality apart, leaving nothing in its wake. Oshemar had made the weapon self-perpetuating - no one could stop it - his entire continuum was destroyed. The only reason Thor and Odin came into possession of this object was Oshemar's chance escape through an engineered dimensional rift into the Great Hall of Asgard. Luckily, the journey through dimensions rendered the Unbinding Stone inert. Unluckily, he did not live to see it destroyed.

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