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Orykan Tamarik is an orphaned Twi'lek female. She was formerly a padawan of the deceased Jedi Casieck Akinslesh. Since then, she has been travelling with Qui-Gon and Tahl, assigned on minor diplomatic missions.

She was ordered by Yoda to go to Telos IV along with Qui-Gon, Tahl and Xanatos (then, a padawan). The mission was a very important one, with the goal of investigating the civil war on Telos IV, and trying to establish peace. There, while conducting an investigation on the death of a High Priestess, she attempted to use her Force, and was struck unconscious by a revelation, that the killer was a Jedi.

Later, she would be seen in action against Crion, the then ruler of Telos IV. She was almost killed, only to be saved by Qui-Gon. She then attempted to thwart Xanatos, who had turned to the Dark Side, but Qui-Gon held her at bay.

After the events of Telos IV, Qui-Gon sent her back to Coruscant.

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