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Brief History

Orwell was Marvin Hoffman's number one man as Hoffman built his Brotherhood. After the team was built, it wasn't long before there was a team mutiny, led by Hoffman's one-time colleague, Marshal. Seemingly, Orwell stayed tried and true to his boss as the Brotherhood ripped apart at the seams, but he was clandestinedly spying on Hoffman under Marshal's instruction. Upon revelation, Hoffman fought Marshal and as Hoffman released a powerful blast aimed at Marshal but it hit Orwell instead, supposedly killing him on contact. Then, Marshal & Hoffman were blown up by an explosion caused by Mike Asher's combustible blood, killing Marshal, Hoffman, & Asher. However, Orwell appeared a lot less injured than his charred comrades, so it is unknown if he actually died.

Presuming he is still living, it is hypothesized that he was one of the thousands of mutants who lost their powers post-Decimation.

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