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A Warrior From Basiliade

Orube is a former trainee of Luba who happened to be the former keeper of the Aurameres before she was destroyed by Nerissa. Unlike the other guardians, she originated from Basiliade. She was sent to Earth to help the guardians in fitting into the culture of humans. Even if she does not possess any elemental powers, she is an expert in unarmed combats, superhuman senses and other feline features. Orube is also good in pets causing her to get a job in Olsen's pet shop. She pretends to be Mrs. Rudolph's niece in Earth calling herself Rebecca Rudolph.

The W.i.t.c.h. introduced her to the world and helped her catch up with the humans' culture and behavior. She discovered many things about humans. Though at first she became very uncomfortable with the guardians especially Irma, she became their friend and later on an honorary member of the W.i.t.c.h.

Being cold and aloof at first and being different when it comes to culture , Orube then realizes how nice it is to be with humans. She loved the music that her neighbor plays every morning. She then discovered that her neighbor is a composer and they became friends through music.

Orube joined them in various missions in saving the Kandrakar from its evil villains. But what became more surprising is taking fights with humans who attempted to create experiments about the guardians and study about their extraordinary condition.

Later on, issues regarding the usage of the guardians' astral drops became very disturbing. She became in charge of helping the astral drops to break free from the usage of the guardians.


Orube has enhanced strength and agility, and is highly trained in martial arts to go along with them. She also possesses great sense of smelling and hearing. She can also track others and release great energy blasts from her hands.

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