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The real name of Orpheus is Gavin King. King was the son of a television producer and his mother was a professional dancer. King was inspired by his mother to become a dancer and singer himself. Unfortunately, the school bully's found out about his dreams and bullied him throughout his school, however his parents continued to encourage him to follow his dreams. King began to study martial arts and excelled at it.

He finally became a star in his teenage years and began to tour the world. During his travels, he found out how much the world was suffering and the effects of poverty, hunger, violence, prejudice, and loss of faith. So he began a campaign against all of this and almost got himself killed. His actions caught the attention of an organization which had similar goals; to extinguish the world of it's problems. They trained him and gave him his own power suit. King decided to return to his place of birth; Gotham City and believed that the city needs a black hero and a socially conscious one. He first met Batman while he was on a case and Batman was very reluctant to trust him especially since he was an inexperienced, a rookie vigilante. Nonetheless, Batman respects his goals and motivations.

Major Story Arcs

Batman: Family

Forty years ago, Celia was the guardian at the Copper Street orphanage. Celia's mother ran the orphanage until she passed away and Celia continued on afterwards. Celia metMartha Wayne when Celia was being harassed by a developer named Stanford Whitaker. Whitaker wanted to buyout the entire neighborhood which included the orphanage so he could build high-rise apartments. Martha has been combating Whitaker at City Hall and she finally beat him by getting City Hall's approval to make the entire neighborhood an historical landmark.

Sadly, the victory of saving the neighborhood was short-lived because the orphanage was burnt down to the ground. The evidence against Whitaker was circumstantial but he was eventually convicted for arson by the jury thanks to Martha Wayne’s testimony as well as Celia’s. Celia was still grateful for Martha's efforts in convicting Whitaker and Martha decides to cheer up Celia by taking her to a local club called Chat Noir on Avenue B. It was here that Martha met Denholm Sinclair who was an affiliate of Caesar Rossetti.

Celia tried to warn Martha about Sinclair but Martha wouldn't listen so Celia took it upon herself to confront Sinclair and tell him to leave Martha alone. Sinclair viewed Celia’s defensiveness as a charming form of envy. Sinclair brushes off Celia's threat by saying he knows who was actually responsible for the fire at the orphanage. Celia is left with a loss for words but Sinclair comforts Celia by saying he will agree to leave Martha alone but his silence will come at a price. Sinclair grabs Celia and thrusts her body against his. Celia reluctantly submits to Sinclair's advances.

Martha eventually found out that Celia had burnt down the orphanage in order to collect the insurance money and Whitaker was the perfect patsy. Martha confronted Celia about the orphanage but Celia didn't acknowledge Martha’s accusations. Instead, Celia wrote off Martha's anger as petty jealousy because Sinclair courted Celia rather than Martha. However, Celia knew Martha's political pull in Gotham so she decided to leave the country by returning to her ancestral home in Greece.

Nicholas Kazantkakis aka the Tracker attacked the Rossetti mob as a demonstration of his mother’s hatred for Caesar Rossetti. Gabriel Rossetti, Caesar's grandson, has taken over his grandfather's operations by expanding into drug trafficking. Tracker killed the mobsters by emitting an electrical charge into their bodies. Fortunately, Batman saved Santos, one of Rossetti's men and an undercover ATF agent. As a means of gratitude, Santos agreed to share information with Batman's in order find out who would have a personal vendetta against the Rossetti mob.

Nicholas returns to the Zephyr Building in Midtown Gotham. The Zephyr Building was purchased by Celia from a Japanese holding company and now is a secret hideout for the Court of Owls. Nicholas tells Doctor Excess, the Court's physician, about his opinion of the Batman. Nicholas believes Batman fights crime because he finds danger exhilarating but the doctor tells Nicholas not to underestimate the seductive allure of risking one's life.

Doctor Excess believes that the Batman's crusade on crime in Gotham stems from a deep-rooted psychological trauma during his childhood and he possesses an obsessive compulsion to save lives even though some don't want to be saved. After their discussion, the doctor injects a synthesized compound composed of electrum into Nick's body thus making him somewhat invulnerable to being injured or killed.

The next day, Bruce attends another meeting at Wayne Enterprises because the board is deciding whether or not to keep Bruce as CEO of Wayne Enterprises. Celia Kazantkakis tries to convince the board that Wayne Enterprises would be nothing without a Wayne at the helm. Delilah Wagner, who is the proponent of Bruce's removal, believes his social life as a boy billionaire could pose as a disastrous liability for the companys reputation.

Even though Bruce was cleared for his involvement with Vesper Fairchilds murder, he was still being scrutinized by the press. Delilah believes that Bruce's peculiar notoriety makes the stockholders and business partners uncomfortable. Delilah gives Bruce a written ultimatum which dictates that if he refuses to resign from the company then she will put in a vote of no-confidence in front of the shareholders. Celia convinces Bruce to consider Delilah’s request as a formality. The board knows Bruce has let Lucius Foxhandle the day-to-day responsibilities of the company but Lucius's condition after his near fatal stroke has left him unable to carry on.

Bruce had feared that Wayne Enterprises would be vulnerable of a takeover but not from inside his own company. Lex Luthor was counting on this vulnerability when he hiredDavid Cain to implicate Bruce as Vesper's murderer. Bruce hired Delilah to keep other corporate sharks at bay but eventually he knew that Delilah would pull a stunt like this.

However, Bruce was more concerned about the Tracker's motives for attacking the Rosettis. Bruce has been studying the Tracker's movements for the last two months. The Tracker apprehended Rossetti's family accountant Bertis Delgado. The Tracker also killed Clement Wellman by feeding him to his dogs in Little Moscow. According to the testimonies of those who survived the Tracker's bust at a crystal meth lab, they described Tracker as something demonic.

On the other side of the city, Gabriel Rossetti makes his way to his car but his driver Ruiz is nowhere to be found. Suddenly, Ruiz is dropped on the windshield of Rossetti's car. Rossetti and his men open fire on the Tracker. The Tracker knocks out Rossetti and his crew then he makes his escape with Rossetti's brief case. Fortunately, Batman has been observing Rossetti's movements in the likely event that the Tracker would show up.

Doctor Excess uses Bugg's surveillance feed throughout Gotham to keep in contact with Tracker by via comm link. Doctor Excess tells Nicholas not to engage the Batman. The Tracker takes the doctor's advice and makes a quick getaway by discharging an electrical pulse at Batman. Doctor Excess terminates his communication with Tracker and congratulates Bugg on his network of spy cams.

Bugg was once a young boy named Hector who witnessed his parents murder each other. The ten year old orphan was institutionalized because the trauma he suffered caused him to detach from interacting with others. However, he developed a compulsion for voyeurism which Celia found useful to the Court. Celia's maternal affection toward Hector encouraged him to establish the Court's surveillance network within a year. Now, the Court has eyes and ears throughout Gotham.

Rossetti decides to seek outside help in order to combat the Tracker. Penguinrecommends the Technician who has a fetish for collecting several things from Gotham's history such as the inventions presented at the World Fair in 1941 and some things that predate Gotham's beginnings. The Technician refurbishes them and sells them to villains like the Riddler. However, the Technician works for Celia and he was responsible for designing the Tracker's stealth suit. The Technician refuses Rossetti's offer to take down the Tracker and instead gives Rossetti a business card in the form of a playing card. The Technician recommends that Rossetti contract the Suicide King.

During Dumont Hotel benefit gala at Wayne Enterprises, Delilah threatens the mayor that Wayne Enterprises will take their business elsewhere unless the city can provide a greater incentive. Bruce arrives at the gala but he is accosted by a drunk named Roger Sloane. Sloane tells Bruce that he must speak with him but the gala security removes Sloane before he could utter another word. Celia pulls Bruce away from his date at the gala in order to speak with him. Celia confides in Bruce to fight for control of Wayne Enterprises because she feels Bruce's mother would be disappointed in him if he didn't. She continues by bringing up her past and how she met Bruce's mother. Celia plays off of Bruce's emotions by she saying that she regrets not being a part of Bruce's life after Martha was killed.

Meanwhile. the Suicide King pays the Rossetti house a visit. The Suicide King shows off his talents by taking out some of Rosetti's men. Suicide King then introduces himself to Gabriel Rossetti who is impressed by the king's ingenuity. Gabriel deems Suicide King worthy enough to be a part of his organization. The Suicide King tells Gabriel that he can eliminate the Tracker if Gabriel signs over 20% of the Rossetti's family business to him. Gabriel reluctantly agrees Suicide King’s offer because he wants the Tracker dealt with sooner rather than later.

Bruce goes Lucius Fox to get his impression on Celia. Lucius informs Bruce that Celia made her fortune in textiles throughout Europe but now her main source of income is real estate. She later married Porter Endicott, a Spanish national and took over his corporate position of power when he passed away. Lucius views Celia as a tough business woman but a humble person nonetheless. Batman later meets with Santos to gather more Intel on who the Tracker is and why he has a vendetta against the Rossettis. Santos informs Batman that Gabriel Rossetti has hired the Suicide King to take out the Tracker. Both Gabriel and the Suicide King have set up a bogus money drop in order to lure the Tracker out into the open.

As Batman makes his way to money drop, he contacts Oracle. Bruce asks Oracle to find out who the Tracker's point man is because he recalls the Tracker was speaking to someone through a comm link. Oracle uses her decryption software to decipher any irregular transmissions that could be linked to the Tracker and Doctor Excess thereby giving her a digital trail to follow. Oracle also brought up some interesting information on Delilah Wagner's business methods. Oracle gave this damaging information to the stock exchange commission which will indict Delilah for fraud and insider trading.

Batman also contacts Tim Drake and instructs him to investigate Roger Sloane. Batman wants to find out why Sloane was so anxious to speak to Bruce Wayne. Tim discovers that Sloan has outdated press credentials and he was once an award-winning Boston reporter until his editor learned that he was fabricating his sources. It turns out Sloane has been obsessed with the recent events that have been occurring at Wayne Enterprises. Sloane has documented a pattern that could possibly be a conspiracy. His conspiracy starts with Bruce's decision to leave the country then Wagner's ascension at Wayne Enterprises and finally the untimely death of Porter Endicott. Tim believes Sloane was trying to make up for the slander and libel that he printed at his bugle and he wanted to rejoin the media's good grace by reporting a fantastical new story. Unfortunately, Mister Fun, one of Celia's associates, disposed of Sloane before Tim got to his apartment. Mister Fun removed any incriminating evidence that could be linked back to Celia and dumped Sloane's body in a nearby dumpster.

Batman arrives at the money drop as does the Tracker. Both the Tracker and Batman watch as Gabriel Rossetti gives a brief case full of money to Arturo Zamora. Batman informs the Tracker that he is being set up and the Tracker says "It's the other way around." Tracker shocks Batman with his tazer talons then the Suicide King makes his entrance. Suicide King pretends to fight off the Tracker in order to gain Gabriel's trust. Suicide King stuns the Tracker and the Tracker falls twenty stories off a rooftop. Batman attacks Suicide King for what he did to the Tracker. Batman deduces that the Suicide King's fighting style is Asano Nitobe. Batman almost defeats Suicide King until the Tracker returns and knocks out Batman. Suicide King is amazed that the Tracker actually survived his fall.

Suicide King tells the Tracker to abort their mission in killing the Batman. Batman overheard their conversation as he staggered to his feet. Batman finally realizes that the Tracker and the Suicide King are running a shakedown operation by gaining Rossetti's trust thereby allowing them to infiltrate his organization. Doctor Excess tells the Tracker to retreat back to their base of operations but the Tracker refuses. Batman activates a signal jammer to cut off Doctor Excess' communication with the Tracker. During their heated confrontation, the Tracker and Batman collide with a stack of metal pipes and steel beams. Both the Tracker and Batman must jump off the rooftop to avoid the plummeting mass of metal. Batman manages to save himself with his grappling claw but he was unable to grab Nicholas in time. Batman descends to the bottom and finds the Tracker buried in a heap of metal beams. As Batman pushed the beams away, he could see that the steel pipes had impaled the Tracker. Batman removes the Tracker's mask and is shocked that the Tracker is Nicholas, Celia's son.

The next day, Delilah Wagner is taken into custody for her crimes and Bruce informs Celia that she is the new CEO of Wayne Enterprises. Celia had anticipated on Bruce’s affections toward her and his reasoning for making her Delilah’s replacement because she knew her manipulations on Bruce's emotions would work. Her victory of becoming the new CEO of Wayne Enterprises was short-lived when she heard that her son had died. Mister Fun removed Nicholas’ body from the County Morgue because Celia knew that if the coroners examined Nicholas’ body then they would have found Doctor Excess' electrum compound in Nicholas' bloodstream.

Unfortunately, Freeway, Celia's right hand man, was unable to procure the Tracker's stealth suit from the hazmat team who arrived at the crime scene. It turns out that the hazmat team wanted to analyze the Tracker's suit because it's part of a new procedure that began after Vox’s armor destroyed half of a building in Gotham last year. It was Celia's last wish to have her son cremated thereby destroying any evidence of Doctor Excess' electrum compound. It would seem that Nicholas was the first step in perfecting Doctor Excess's electrum compound because the Court of Owls wanted to utilize this compound and make more Talon enforcers. The Talons would be near unstoppable but they would also be replaceable.

Celia bids her son one final farewell before his body is cremated. She then turns attention to her associates and informs them that they must learn everything about Batman's allies and weaken Batman's reserves. Celia goes on to tell her accomplices in crime what their roles will be in the Network. The Network's goal is to control the city's business, politics and crime.

The Network will collect information with the aid of Bugg's citywide surveillance. Thanks to Bugg, Celia knows about the mayor having an affair with Councilwoman Dawson as a means to spite his wife for her dalliances. Celia also knows about the mayor's aid who has a crystal meth habit and cops who are on the take. She is even aware of old mobsters who broker their lawyers to stay out of jail.

Freeway, Mr. Fun and Suicide King create distractions when ever necessary while Doctor Excess eliminates any obstacles that require extra persuasion. His formidable medical talents in surpassing the boundaries of human experience and endurance will ensure the cooperation of anyone who stands against the Network.

Celia maintains the illusion of a philanthropist by donating relief funds to the police force and humbles the workforce at Wayne Enterprises by acknowledging their hard work. Celia intends to increase Wayne Enterprises profits dramatically for the next two quarters while Suicide King makes the Rosetti Family believe that they are rising up in the underworld's hierarchy. As the newly appointed CEO of Wayne Enterprises, Celia starts dipping into the company's discretionary account with Gotham's International Bank and begins transferring the funds.

Celia calls in another meeting to gather the Network's latest intelligence. According to Bugg's findings, the Batman is a myth to most because there is little documented evidence to prove otherwise. Freeway concurs with Bugg by mentioning GCPD's failure to report the Batman's involvement in several cases. Celia figures Gordon is the source that allows to the Batman to remain elusive. Bugg goes on to introduce the Network to the remainder of Batman's allies like Red Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, Huntress, Spoiler and Orpheus. Celia tells Suicide King to keep tabs on Huntress since her obsession and apathy toward organized crime became apparent when she tried to kill "Tiny" Hidalgo in public.

Freeway assumes that the Batman and his allies are some kind of special military unit assigned to protect Gotham at the behest of the governor while Suicide King believes the vigilantes are being financed by some corporation who is underwriting their expensive crusade on crime. Celia puts an end to the meeting by telling the Network that they must eliminate Batman and his cohorts before her plan can be realized.

Celia is assigned the task of observing Spoiler. Freeway watches Spoiler's movements throughout Gotham and figures her motive to fight crime stems from this need to prove herself to someone else. Perhaps an absent parent who was once or still is a criminal. Spoiler fights crime to strike back at that particular parent but she still wants parental approval for efforts and that is where the Batman fits into it. Spoiler busts a group of thugs who were robbing a grocery store. It turns out the group were college kids who were looking for a little trouble to get some kicks.

Spoiler grapples to a nearby roof where she is taken by surprise by Freeway. Freeway tells Spoiler that he was impressed by her performance and his employer would find Spoiler's talents invaluable. At first, Spoiler blows off Freeway's offer but Freeway leaves a business card in case Spoiler decides to change her mind. Later that night, Steph contemplates on whether or not to accept Freeway's offer but since Bruce hasn't been training her as often as he should be, she decides to call Freeway. Steph tells Freeway that he will only agree to a meet if his employer is present.

Freeway introduces Spoiler to Celia and Celia informs Spoiler that a friend of hers was murdered by the Ruvalcaba syndicate during a robbery in the Diamond District. Celia tells Spoiler that the police have not made any progress in apprehending suspects but Freeway has come across some vital information. The syndicate's accountant Louis Trundell is leaving town and with his testimony, the syndicate could be brought down. Spoiler can't understand why Celia doesn't go to the police with this information. Celia tells Spoiler that she can't trust the police since some officers maybe on the syndicate's payroll. Spoiler understands Celia's concern and agrees to take the assignment.

Freeway drives Spoiler to the East End Docks because Trundell has a boat that neither the authorities or the syndicate are aware of. Trundell went off everyone's radar when the FBI approached him about turning over state evidence against Diego Ruvalcaba. Freeway drops off Spoiler and points her in the direction of Trundell's boat. Spoiler notices Trundell and a woman helping him load the boat with supplies. The woman goes inside the boat to put away the supplies while Spoiler ambushes Trundell. At first, Spoiler had everything well in hand and Trundell under restraint but the woman surprises Spoiler with a display of acrobatic fighting styles.

Spoiler tries to grab the woman's hair to get her off but it turns out to be a wig. Trundell's woman is actually Selina Kyle. Trundell has hired Selina as his bodyguard/ travel agent. Selina has agreed to share with Trundell her international contacts who have the means to hide him from the syndicate in exchange for a cut of the money he was skimming from the syndicate. Selina knocks Spoiler off the boat and Steph falls into the icy waters of Gotham bay. Selina and Trundell escape in her car and head to the Gotham's Central Station.

Trundell and Selina grab some last minute train tickets to Centerdale, NY. Trundell placed his funds in a safety deposit box at a bank in Centerdale. Trundell notices two men wearing shades staring at him and Selina but Selina informs Trundell that those men aren't the FBI or hit men. Selina tells Trundell that the syndicate are known for sending unexpected assassins. At that same moment, an elderly woman pulls out an uzi and tries to kill Trundell. Fortunately, Spoiler arrives and disarms the woman. Trundell makes for the uzi and attempts to kill Spoiler because he refuses to go to testify. Selina saves Spoiler by knocking out Trundell with a drop kick. Trundell is down for the count and Selina searches Trundell's person for his safety deposit key. She finds the key and tells Spoiler to stay out of her way next time.

The next day, Celia asks Bruce to an afternoon lunching where she gives him a framed photo of his mother as a way to thank him for entrusting her with the continued success of Wayne Enterprises. She tells Bruce that this particular photo was taken at Sandy Newport's New Year Eve's Party. Bruce then receives page from Tim Drake. Bruce sent Tim to investigate Roger Sloane but it turns out Sloane has been murdered. Someone broke into Sloane's apartment and strangled him.

Drake also tells Bruce that a woman by the name of Eleanor Sandhurst has been brought to the Gotham PD morgue. The way she died is similar to Sloane's. All of sudden, Celia's assistant interrupts their lunch. The assistant informs Celia that she is unable to get a hold of Eleanor Sandhurst. Celia needed Sandhurst to sign off on a land grant in order to get land clearances for an impending performing arts center. Sandhurst refused to give Celia the land grant so Celia sent Mr. Fun to murder Sandhurst. Celia tells her assistant not to worry and that she will take care of it but Bruce begins to suspect Celia of fowl play.

Celia and Bruce part ways after their lunch. Celia gets a call from Freeway that he is already handling the Trundell dilemma. In Gotham PD's interrogation room, Freeway poses as a cop and shows Trundell photographs of women who have been beaten to death in the past couple of weeks. Freeway got a hold of these photographs thanks to Bugg's surveillance. Freeway tells Trundell that the authorities were never able to find Trundell's own mother who disappeared under strange circumstances and each of these women in some way resemble Trundell's mother. Trundell realizes that his sick compulsion has been exposed so he asks Freeway what he wants.

The Network gather for another debriefing. Freeway informs the Network that Trundell rolled over for the cops and the Ruvalcaba syndicate is being broken apart. Suicide King tells the Network that the Rossettis are happy with his supposed efforts in bringing down their competition. The Network relays all their information to Celia's cell because Celia is meeting with Spoiler to congratulate her on a job well done. Celia gives Spoiler a check for accomplishing the mission. Spoiler at first refuses but Celia convinces Spoiler to think of the check as a means to fund her crime fighting. Spoiler grapples away with the check in hand and Celia calls Freeway. Celia tells Freeway to make sure their supposed deal with Trundell is null and void. She expects to see Trundell behind bars for murder by tomorrow morning.

The following night, Orpheus responds to a disturbance at a electoral fundraiser. Senator Bowman who was running for re-election became deranged. The sixty year old politician began to grow to abnormal heights. Orpheus uses his ultra sound gauntlets to subdue the senator but the senator's rampage doesn't come to an end until he suffers a cardiac arrest. Bugg watches the entire scene from afar. He calls the Technician to set up a disposal of the evidence.

It turns out Senator Bowman was being treated by Doctor Excess who has been running the Jaeger-Solomon clinic in Gotham for terminal cancer patients under the name Dr. Gustav Jaeger. The clinic was leased by a supposed Norwegian medical corporation and founded by the late Curtis Jaeger and Henry Solomon in 1891. Both doctors were reported missing in the Amazon and presumed dead. Most likely, both doctors ran afoul with the Court.

Dr. Jaeger agreed to save Senator Bowman from his degenerative brain disorder if he would finance the Technician's advancements in the Tracker's stealth suit. Doctor Excess injected the senator with an experimental cancer fighting serum that was laced with Venom. The serum repaired the damaged tissue in six months but it eventually metastasized which caused the senator to mutate into a roid rage behemoth.

The coroners arrive to place the senator's body into the ambulance and transport the body to Gotham General Hospital. During mid transit, the Technician sets up a remote controlled fuel rig to crash into the ambulance. The rig and the ambulance collide and the senator's body is reduced to ashes.

The next day, Orpheus visits his friend and favorite author Marcus Cooper. Orpheus met Cooper when his sister introduced him to Marcus' first book. Marcus asks how Orpheus' professional dance company is doing after its latest donation from the Wayne Arts Foundation. Orpheus is more interested in Marcus' impending book that depicts his life in Gotham and how the city has changed in the last 40 years. Marcus shows Orpheus a vacant lot where the Chat Noir Club once stood. Marcus used to work at the club as a busboy.

Marcus remembers Celia Kazantkakis and Martha Wayne as regular patrons at the club. He also knew about Denholm Sinclair's involvement with the Rossettis. When Carmine Falcone started expanding his empire, Sinclair went into hiding and Cesare Rossetti's son was later declared legally insane.

Orpheus gets a call from Oracle who digged up some information about Senator Bowman's health records. She informs Orpheus that Bowman was being treated at the Jaeger-Solomon clinic for cancer. Oracle tells Orpheus that she can secretly hack into the clinic's database if he can run one of her decryption thumb drives into the main computer's terminal. Orpheus is successful in breaking into the clinic and Oracle starts downloading the medical files of every patient in the clinic.

Unfortunately, Bugg has been observing Orpheus' movements and notifies Doctor Excess about the clinic's trespasser. Doctor Excess suits and pumps a psychotropic gas that he developed in med school through the ventilation system. Orpheus begins to feel disoriented and Doctor Excess stuns Orpheus with his electrified gauntlets. The doctor interrogates Orpheus about a project he has been working on that involves metabolic enhancements and mind control. Orpheus shakes off the doctor by kicking him across the room. Orpheus jumps out of a nearby window and makes his way to his motorcycle. to getaway.

Meanwhile, Black Canary goes to Little Moscow which is located on the East side of Gotham. She has been asked to do a favor for a troubled wife. The wife's husband Jordan Wiley has gone to see his bookie Gregori Ulanov at the Red Star Lounge. Ulanov has agreed to wipe Wiley's debt clean if Wiley kills Rossetti's new enforcer...the Suicide King. Black Canary makes an explosive entrance with her Canary Cry and takes down Ulanov's men. She then confronts Wiley and tells him to go back home in order to take care of his six month old baby. Ulanov tells Canary to take Wiley out the back before she brings down the rest of his lounge.

Orpheus tries to push through the side effects of the doctor's gas but he loses consciousness and crashes his bike in Little Moscow. Black Canary overhears the commotion coming from the streets and decides to investigate after telling Wiley to go home. Dinah discovers Orpheus lying on the streets with Ulanov's men beating Orpheus with baseball bats. It seems Orpheus was responsible for starting a civil war between Ulanov and his brother in law Rasputin which dismantled their organizations and got Rasputin thrown in jail.

Dinah uses her Canary cry to immobilize the mob and places Orpheus on her own motorcycle. Dinah takes Orpheus to a warehouse that was originally a library rather than taking him to County General Hospital. When Orpheus regains consciousness, he tells Canary that he must go back to the clinic but Canary informs him that the clinic has been burnt down and is being covered by the news. Oracle calls Orpheus and tells him that she was able to recover enough incriminating data from the clinic but the police have no leads on Dr. Jaeger's whereabouts.

Oracle then reports some distressing news about one of the patients that Dr. Jaeger was treating. Orpheus immediately hangs up the phone and hops on Canary's motorcycle. Orpheus arrives at Cooper's apartment building to find his apartment thrashed and Cooper lying on the floor. Cooper was one of Doctor Excess' cancer patients and like Senator Bowman, Cooper dies from a heart attack after mutating into a giant brute.

Celia asks the doctor to report on his failure to keep the clinic's practices a secret. Doctor Excess reassures Celia that the Court's affiliation with the clinic went up in smoke and all loose ends are being tied. The doctor hangs up his call with Celia and Bugg watches as the doctor self medicates himself. The doctor's years of recreational experimentation has caught up with him and his patients at the clinic were merely test subjects for his designer drugs.

War Games and Death

Stephanie Brown aka The Spoiler, decided to execute one of Batman's contingency plans if the crimes of Gotham ever got out of hand. The plan was to unite all of Gotham's gangs under one boss, Orpheus and Matches Malone;Batman's alias or disguise thus bringing all the gangs of Gotham under Batman's control. Stephanie then united the gangs but was unaware that Malone and Batman was the same man. When Malone never showed up, the meeting turned into a war zone and many gangsters died leading to a power vacuum and Black Mask returning to gain control over Gotham made it even worse. Stephanie who was Robin at that time sought the help of Orpheus hoping to bring the situation under control but as they both met, Black came from behind and slit Orpheus's throat. He then kidnapped Stephanie and tortured her for more information.

Black Mask then took Orpheus's identity and fooled both Batman and Onyx; Orpheus's partner. As Orpheus he began to ensue total chaos over Gotham and encouraging gangsters to kill any member of the Bat-Family. He then tried to torture Stephanie for more information but she already escaped. Black Mask found her and they both fought and Stephanie was able to defeat Black and escape with sever wounds. She taken to Dr. Leslie Thompkins for medical attention. However, she purposely neglected to give her the medicine that would have saved her life and as Stephanie died she asked Batman *"Was I a good Robin?" Batman responds "Yes.." and she died in his arms. It was later retconned and revealed that Leslie never played any part in Stephanie Brown and that Black Mask actually killed and she just died of the injuries.

Black Mask then began to further his plans and rose to the king of the Gotham Underworld, he hired a reporter named Arturo Rodriguez to discredit Batman. Black Mask then killed several people to discredit Batman. However, the Joker arrived intent on killing Black Mask for killing Robin; as Joker explains "Everyone knows my favorite job in the world is killing Robin, you ruined my life when you killed Stephanie Brown.. the sweetest little Robin anyone could have hoped for! Don't you know killing Robin's is my job? Now because of you, now matter ho many Robin's I kill in the future I'll always be one Robin behind." Black Mask and Joker fought each other, until Batman arrived and Black Mask was arrested. As he was taken to the prison he killed his escorting officer and escaped.

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