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Daily ritual

When a mysterious fire struck Guy Smith's house as a child, it was believed that his parents were killed. He was raised in an orphanage where his mutant powers began to manifest during his teen years: his skin became easily irritated and he became extremely sensitive to his surroundings. He became suicidal and practiced Russian roulette as a nightly ritual.

Guy tried many means to deal with his sensitivity including meditation, martial arts, and drugs. He then turned to mutant expert Professor X for help. Professor X was able to design a special suit that let Guy have better control over his senses.


Orphan was created by the X-Force/X-Statix writer Peter Milligan and artist Mike Allred. His first appearance was in X-Force #117.

Mayor Story Arcs


Edie & Guy

When he was first brought in to the newly re-formed X-Force (after previous members had been killed) he was given the name Mister Sensitive. He soon became leader and both the team and Guy underwent name changes.

During his time on the team, Guy started to develop feelings towards his teammate U-Go Girl. The two soon became romantically involved and fell in love with each other. Their love was however cut short due to Edie's sudden demise on a mission. After Edie's death Guy started seeing her in his head.

Like the rest of his team, Guy was killed on their final mission.


Fellow X-Force member Dead Girl made a trip to the afterlife, in witch she recruited her dead teammates Orphan and Anarchist. They also encountered Edie during this trip so that Orphan and Edie had a brief moment together once more in the afterlife.

Powers and Abilities

Orphan has superhuman senses that are on par with Wolverine's and Daredevil's. He appears to have a radar-like danger sense (which gave him a "funny feeling" over their last mission). Orphan also possesses superhuman speed, coordination, and reflexes/reaction, and trained extensively to become a master martial artist. His skill in mental discipline grants him the ability to levitate.

Professor X designed a special suit for Orphan that grants him better control over his hyper-enhances senses.

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