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Orochi is the God of the psychic powers of the universe, considered the God of'' The King of Fighters''. Orochi is a great celestial being considered omnipotent, Orochi is Chris evolved, Chris has 3 mode evolve: Only Chris, Orochi Chris, and finally a totally ubiquitous, Orochi.

Orochi has the power to: flying, levitation, telepathy, mental strength, toxic blue ray, teleportation, evolve, immortal, stop time, invisibility, intangibility, divine power, agility, fight well, and copies powers, as he did with the Rugal, besides being totally superior to any of the series, Orochi is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient.

Creation of Orochi coming from Igniz, the god of the dead and saturn ... Igniz was his master, but it turned into a wicked God.

Yamata no Orochi (ヤマタノオロチ in Japanese) is a creature from Japanese mythology. Has eight heads and eight tails red eyes. Had moss and trees on its back. It was so large that it filled eight valleys and eight peaks. Annually, Orochi demanded the sacrifice of eight virgins. One day, one of eight virgins required was the beloved of Susanoo. Susano was disgusted with it and was killing the fearsome dragon. 'Yamata no Orochi was killed by Susanoo. The myth

Thousands of years ago, in Japan, it was believed that the gods, beasts and humans lived on the same land. Humans offered sacrifices to the gods in gratitude to supernatural powers that they used to help them and the beasts and monsters did not interfere much with humans. However, this balance was undermined when Izanagi, the first king of the gods (equivalent to Uranus, in Greek mythology) went to war against his wife, Izanami (equivalent to Gaia or Earth in Greek mythology), their children. The war created thus evil beings - the Oni (ogre) - as soldiers, as well as dragons, who grew the plants that drank the blood of the gods. Obviously, not all of these new beasts were evil, but evil lurked the heart of the gods during the war (being exposed to fumes of hell), then the dragons that were born of this blood became evil. Yamata No Orochi, or "Great Serpent (Dragon) Eight Heads" was one of these divine creatures. The land of Izumo was then graced with the presence of the beautiful princess known as Kushinada. The Izumo Orochi cursed with the presence shortly after Kushinada turned 16 and ordered the sacrifice that was made eight maidens, every full moon, to satisfy your hunger. If they failed to comply with the sacrifice, the Orochi threatened to destroy the earth. The years passed, while the maidens disappeared from the fields, until there was only the princess Kushinada to be sacrificed so that the people of Izumo were spared. The god Susano Mikoto appeared in those lands at the time. It was love at first sight when he saw the Princess Kushinada, weeping at her window. He promised the king to give an end to Orochi with the condition that he could take the hand of the beautiful princess in marriage. In the evening sacrifice, were offered to Orochi eight jars of sake. The servant who brought the Orochi told that he should entertain themselves with alcohol first and then make his long-awaited meal. The Orochi agreed and plunged the eight heads in jars. It was not long until he heard the great serpent snoring in his drunkenness. Then the servant showed her true identity: the thunder god Susanoo no Mikoto. With his sword, he cut each head of Orochi. Her womb fell the sacred orb of life, the Magatama, and the last severed head rolled a tear that became the Mirror. Susanoo gave as a gift to his sister Amaterasu Mata-dragon - or sword Kusanagi, or Ame-no Murakumo. Left in Izumo the orb Magatama and Mirror, which was given to Princess Yata, younger sister of Kushinada. These three objects are now known as "The Three Sacred Treasures of Japan" and is said to be preserved at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.

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