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Miguel Medina is a former police officer who survived the Big Bang as a member of the Riot Squad. After the Big-Bang, he realized he had the ability to absorb, store, and release solar energy. Medina secretly kept these new abilities to self and continued his duties as a police officer for the Dakota City Police. After witnessing the murder of a former partner by a “Bang Babies”, Medina decides to use his powers to stop these super powered gang bangers. Following the apprehension of a bang baby named Ebon, Medina was for recruited by Dharma to became an operative for the shadow cabinet. His is given the name Oro due to his radiant and golden light he displayed when he use his powers. Oro, is eventually kicked out by Dharma, who allows Oro to keep his costume and gives him one month severance pay deposited directly into his bank account. Shortly after being fired from the Cabinet, Oro (as Medina) is framed for the murder of his ex-partner. With everyone against him and nowhere else to go, Oro subsequently sought refuge with the Blood Syndicate who allowed the former cop to stay and in return, he vowed to helped protect their territory from all threats. Being an ex-policeman, Oro took some time to win the respect of the rest of the Syndicate, having to endure the nickname 'Oral' for some time. Oro solar abilities allow him to fly, produce blinding visuals, project energy blasts from his hands and eyes.

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