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Brief History

Orliss Gillmunn was a general on his own homeplanet of Jabiim during the Clone Wars. He had his troops at the command of the Republic, hoping to stop a civil war that was breading on his planet when the Trade Federation deployed their Battle Driods there. It was however with double moral that he did this, the enemy was very strong, and many of his own people where on the opisite side. Orliss suffered mayor losses, but kept believing the just cause of the Republic and the Jedi.  He however felt betrayed when the Jedi had to leave the entire operation because of a mayor shift in the war. The retread of the Jedi and the Republic forces would almost certainly lead to the demise of Gillmunn's troops. He told the Jedi that they gave up everything for them, and now left them here to die. With pain in their hearts and guild written, the Jedi left the planet. All this while being shouted out by Orliss' own troops. Orliss could only cry, and thought they would never see the light of day again. However, Orliss and his troops survived the ordeal and years later, after Order 66 had been ordered and the Republic had become an Empire, he met Luke Skywalker on fought alongside him against the corrupt Empire.

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