Orko WTF! moment.

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Anyone who read the last issue of the He-man and the Masters of the Universe 6 issue mini-series was treated to the fact Orko, the clumsy sidekick/court magician betrayed the masters of the universe and apparently was the master mind behind skeletors rise to power......Does anyone else think this all seems a bit out of character?

#2 Posted by evilvegeta74 (4672 posts) - - Show Bio

@Trodorne: Maybe they need to tweak it, that is shocking and out of character though.

#3 Posted by nicezia (1 posts) - - Show Bio

i find it ridiculous to think Orko, of all people, could have betrayed the Masters of the Universe, it would take a hell of a lot to make me buy in to that. Orko, though worthless always seemed extremely loyal to the ideas that they stood for. Of course, if they do want to play it that way, they'll have to wave some intricate story to convince me of its validity. They better get a hell of a good writer for that story if it's ever told...

#4 Posted by McHotcakes (762 posts) - - Show Bio

Figured this deserved a bump. It looks like according to DC Universe vs Masters of the Universe Orko is now an all powerful evil sorcerer. *sigh*

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