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After crashing on Earth, Quagdron the Brave (a dying officer of the Omniverse Protectorate) passes his Kemlor (a belt granting energy manipulation powers) on to Hickaton County Sheriff Johnny Demitry. Johnny uses his newly acquired powers to help his troubled twin brother Victor get rid of some debt collectors. During a night out, a drunk Victor asks if he can try the Kemlar on. When Johnny refuses, they fight over it resulting in Johnny suffering a fall and going into a coma. Taking the Kemlor for himself, Victor assumes the name Orion and fights crime with The Alliance.

Major Story Arcs

The Red Ten

When Red is murdered, the remaining nine Alliance members, along with Red's former sidekick Crimson, go to a mysterious South Pacific island to investigate. After the deaths of Androika, Master Mage, and Throttle, Orion leaves the island. He is confronted in outer space by Jezella and other members of the Omniverse Protectorate who place him on trial for impersonating an officer, one of their 7 capital offenses. After reviewing Orion's Kemlor's record of events, he is found guilty and immediately stripped of it. Having lost his powers, Victor falls back to Earth, burning up upon re-entry and landing back on the island.

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