Whenever Orion does return.

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What would you like for him to do?
Personally I'd like for them to bring back the idea of Justice League of Aliens.

But retool it it, like give it a new name and make these guys an intergalactic team of heroes.
What are your ideas?
#2 Posted by AssertingValor (6818 posts) - - Show Bio

Alien team sounds good to me!................
#3 Posted by PrinceIMC (5505 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah we've got the Justice League of America, Justice League International (coming back I believe) we could have a purely intergalactic team. It works for the Green Lanterns.

#4 Posted by PowerHerc (86127 posts) - - Show Bio

Cool idea.

#5 Posted by Nathaniel_Christopher (1760 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah, I like the idea of a Justice League of aliens that patrols the entire sector (Or all of space) Because to be honest, Hal, Kyle, Guy and John ignore the rest of their sector for the most part. Only time I can remember the rest of the sector getting some attention is when Hal was confronted about it by the Guardians and exiled for like a year and when Kyle left earth for a bit.

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