super_man_23's Original Sin #1 - No One is Watching review

Who shot the watcher?

Last Original Sin review. Marvel's summer series, Original Sin, starts NOW! Who watches the watcher? And who shot him?! Jason Aaron, Mike Deodato, and Frank Martin are here to answer these questions! NEXT REVIEW!

The Good

The Watcher is dead.

In this issue, the Watcher dies! Jason Aaron sets the stage for the events that are to come in this main series and also the spinoff titles that involve the Watcher's all seeing eyes. If you are interested in a bit of mystery and sins of popular Marvel heroes; then this series is for you!

Jason Aaron did a pretty good job at setting up this series! It was handled really well by him. He played the beginning off like it was just an average day for the heroes and they soon get witness of the Watcher's death. I like how Aaron made the Watcher actually know that he was going to die, and it being this giant story of the heroes finding answers. I'm really interested as to seeing how Nick Fury's band of misfits (team) will come into play during these eight issues. Obviously this being the first issue, a lot of mystery was involved; but Jason Aaron handled it so well that it makes you want to come back for the other issues!

The artwork is perfect. Mike Deodato's art is definitely on my top 10 list of Marvel artist. He always adds this serious/thriller look to any book he works on; and I'm glad he's working on this main series.

The Bad

No complaints! I had my doubts before this series was released; but after reading this issue, I'm really looking forward to getting all my questions answered!

The Verdict

Soon, everyone will have their eyes "opened" to the truth!

I recommend you try Original Sin. It is going to be an exciting series that is built around everything the Watcher sees; and because of it, we are also going to see the sins of our favorite characters! If you aren't into the whole idea of, "buying every single issue from a story arc", I recommend just buying the main series [which is this one]. It's only going to be eight issues and this issue is proof enough that it's going to be a jammed pack eight issues over the next couple of months. So in the end, try it out, and if you don't like it; just don't read! 5 out of 5.

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    At long last, the much anticipated event has begun, and the beginning, while nothing surprising, does get us out of the gate in a nice way. As is to be expected, though, this issue is a lot of setting up the scenarios; who's involved, where is everyone, what are they up to, and so on. There's also some pitter pattering about with the actual death of the Watcher, which, if you are even somewhat interested in the series, you'll likely have seen a number of images depicted of this already. However...

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    Wow. Issue 1 of Original Sin has officially hit the shelves releasing a series of crossovers, as well as the ongoing main story. What does the first issue tell us? Well, a lot in my opinion. We begin in a most humble manner, a couple of Avengers and a special guest having a meal together. This for me was seriously one of the best things in the book since we finally see the heroes just hanging out. Of course, a book about folks eating is boring so with a single phone call the chaos begins. ...

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