What's your favorite origin story?

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I really liked Green Arrow: Year One too, it's one of my favorite origin covering books. 
And he may not have a trade that covers his origin, but I love Booster Gold's origin, it's touching and hilarious.

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Birthright and Wolverine Origins.

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Spiderman: shows how being an a$$ even once in your life can really change your environment


Blue Beetle: good example of giving a great kid great power

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Amazing Fantasy series was always had my fave origin stories (Spider-Man) Other notable: New Mutants (Deadpool), Tales of Suspense (Iron Man), Incredible Hulk (Wolverine, Hulk)

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My favorite origin is the updated origin of Bucky Barnes/ Winter Soldier. He is an orphaned kid who grew up fighting on an army base until they decide to give him special training to become Cap's partner. Serves as the deadly counterpart to the icon that is Captain America. Sacrifices himself trying to disarm a bomb and his body is recovered by the Soviets. He is brainwashed into becoming one of the worlds deadliest assassins including blowing up part of Philadelphia before Cap frees him with the cosmic cube. Now he is a man out of time with full recollection of the awful things he's done over the past 60. The Life Story Story of Bucky Barnes (Cap 620-624) covers a lot of his time through the Winter Soldier years and is a great read.

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Franklin Richards

panel from the pages of Twisted Toyfare Theatre


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