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 Organus first appears aboard the space station Medicus One in search of energy for him to feed upon, arriving on the day that Legionnaire Timber Wolf was there seeking surgery to restore his original features to him, where he attacks his girlfriend Light Lass absorbing her energy, and incapacitating Timber Wolf with her powers.
Shortly after incapacitating the two,several of their Legion team mates show up in order to rescue them. Only to end up being absorbed and giving Organus more powers, only for him to be subdued by combination of Light Lass and Blok, as Organus begins to shrivel upon attempting to absorb Blok's energies.


Organus feeds off the energy of humans and aliens alike, once he absorbs their energy he replicates his victims powers for his own use. However his ability does have a downside as he can't absorb inorganic matter.

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