halfshellhero's Orchid #1 review

Not my usual cup of tea

Immediately, the story takes off with a brief history of what seems to be the makings of a dystopian future, and then you land in the middle of a frantic chase scene. From the beginning of the issue, the book really tries to draw you in and immerse you into the world with the scenery and story.

The elements introduced such as the mask, the socio-economic castes, and the main characters themselves are really intriguing and makes me want more. However, I feel like the writing could be a little stronger overall. I think the method of writing has been made more transparent to make the ideas presented in the book a little more accessible to the general public, but it seems to detract from the overall storytelling from my point of view.

Nonetheless, this was a good issue and I plan on picking up the next one to find out what happens next!


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