Who Should Be the Next Orange Lantern?

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Penguin out of those listed IMO

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Parasite imo because he wants everyones powers

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i like parasite because all penguin would make are bird themed avatars like penguins with rockets on their backs. from the old batman movies. 
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Parasite would be perfect as an agent of the orange light

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do they need another Orange Lantern 
isn't that what makes Larfleeze so awesome that he is alone

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penguin should be the next orange lantern. hes perfect for the orange light of avarice.
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RING STATUS: "Orange Lantern Blume of Sector 2751 deceased. Scan for replacement sentient initiated."

RING STATUS: "Replacement sentient detected, Gollum of Middle Earth, you want it all."

Gollum: "MY PRECIOUS!!!"

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BEHOLD! your new Orange Lantern(s):

#10 Posted by SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26 (6514 posts) - - Show Bio

Selina Kyle? What the hell? Often times she's just stealing to help others...>:-(

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