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A devious little elf

Before becoming a warrior of the Organization, Ophelia lived with her older brother. One day, a One-Horned Monster appeared and Ophelia's brother sacrificed himself to ensure her survival. The last thing she saw was her brother's smiling face.

Ophelia is seen in one of Miria's flashbacks, as the one causing her to nearly awaken. She was not referred to by name in this flashback, nor was her face visible. Instead she appeared as a dark figure in the background.

Ophelia is briefly mentioned again, by Maria, as one of the five warriors who should be avoided at all costs. She is only mentioned by name.

Major Story Arcs

The Endless Gravestones

Looks can be deceiving

Ophelia's first appearance was during Clare's second Awakened Being hunt. Upon meeting her, Ophelia blitzed and violated Clare. Raki tried to intervene, but only managed to cut her slightly. Delighted by the sight of her own blood, Ophelia offered to cover him in the same thing. Knowing that she could not hurt him with Clare present, Ophelia sliced off Clare's legs. With Clare incapacitated, Ophelia began to torture Raki, but was interrupted by the arrival of the Awakened Being.

Initially, Ophelia was uninterested in the Awakened Being standing before her. Instead, she was more preoccupied with Clare and Raki, who were using the Awakened Being as a distraction to escape. Though, before Ophelia could stop them from escaping, the Awakened Being attacked her. Annoyed by its interference, Ophelia attacked it. After killing the Awakened Being, she resumed her chase of Clare and Raki.

Words can hurt

After reaching Clare, Ophelia toyed with her further, but decided to kill her after growing bored. Ophelia figuring that Clare's death was faked, tracked her down. When Clare resurfaced, Ophelia destroyed her sword arm, rendering her unable to fight. However, before Ophelia could land the finishing blow, she was interrupted by a mysterious warrior. The mysterious warrior turned out to be Ilena, who used her quick sword to utterly defeat Ophelia, leaving her near death.

Fit for Battle

Ophelia's final realization

Ophelia retreated into the forest after the ordeal, vowing revenge against them. While in the forest, she regressed into a child-like state, remembering her brother and the One-Horned Monster that ate him. Her anger over his death, coupled with the severity of her wounds, caused her to awaken. While wandering through the forest, Ophelia met Clare once again. Ophelia was initially unaware of her own awakened state and attacked Clare, looking to eat her. The battle eventually led to a lake, where upon seeing her own reflection in the water, began lamenting her current state. Taking advantage of her momentary weakness, Clare destroyed both of her arms.

Ophelia and Clare continued battling, with Clare gaining the upper hand, due to Ilena's borrowed right arm. However, Ophelia knew that Clare was reaching her limit and that her borrowed arm was from Ilena. She also knew that Clare could not control the arm's power and would lose as a result. But in a twist of fate, knowing that she could not get revenge against the One-Horned Monster in her current state, Ophelia allowed Clare to kill her. Before dying she entrusted her will to Clare.

The Phantom and the Wicked Warrior

(Note: This takes place prior to her other appearances.)

Face of a monster

Ophelia is seen with the handler Ermita, overseeing a yoma hunt, involving Miria. They were speaking about Miria's phantom technique and her promotion to No. 8, when Ermita asked why Ophelia was not participating in the fight, despite being leader of the yoma hunt. She replied that she was only interested in hunting Awakened Beings and that these yoma could easily be handled by the group without her. She then left into the forest after sensing a presence.

She later appeared leading an awakened hunt, with Miria in company. While they were walking to the target area, she told Miria a story about meeting a warrior in the woods, who was reaching her limit. The warrior gave Ophelia her black card, so she could give to a handler. Instead, Ophelia, disgusted by the warrior's weakness, ripped apart the black card, condemning the warrior to awaken.

Before Miria could make sense of the story, the Awakened Being attacked. Ophelia defeated the creature single handily. Only afterwards did Miria realize it was her old friend Hilda. Overcame with grief, she began to awaken. Excited by the notion of fighting Miria as an Awakened Being, Ophelia did nothing to stop this. However, Miria managed to stop the transformation, much to Ophelia's dismay.


Not so nice lady

"At that time. I noticed a lone warrior coming up to me. Her breathing was faint. She was approaching her limit as a warrior, a condition in which she could awaken any time. She handed me her black card and asked me to give it to the next black cloak I saw. But the hilarious part was, the person she really wanted to entrust the card with was very close. Yet she couldn't even sense her aura anymore. That was too fucking ridiculous. So I tore the card to pieces and threw it away on the spot." - Ophelia, on telling Miria a 'funny story'.

Ophelia was a sociopath, who found great joy in the suffering of others. To many people, she appeared to be a kind and light-hearted individual, who was quite whimsical. However, this was merely a facade. To the unlucky few, who were forced to team up with her, they quickly learned of her true nature. Ophelia was, in fact, a monster. She was a sadist, who enjoyed torturing others, often referring to it as 'fun' and 'games'. She became delighted when her victims fought back and found pleasure in their vain attempts at escape. She held no regard for human life, having hinted to killing humans, and even fellow warriors. Her view of morality was nonexistent. She was incapable of feeling guilt, remorse or shame. She took no responsibility for her own callous behavior. She, instead, blamed her victims for their own predicament, citing their own weakness as the sole reason for their suffering.

She be crazy

During fights she appeared to be quite rash and reckless, disregarding the safety of herself and others. She would impulsively jump into battle, forcing her companions to act without her. During battles, she often mocked her victims, laughing at how they were weaker than her. Ophelia was also an extremely blood lusted individual, who loved the thrill of battle. Despite these traits, Ophelia was quite intuitive. She was able to kill an Awakened Being by playing dead and deduced that Clare faked her own death by the way she fell into the river.

Like many sociopaths, Ophelia suffered from a low tolerance to frustration and could not control her violent temper. She would burst out in anger whenever someone interrupted her 'fun' and 'games', as noted when Raki and Ilena interrupted her when she was 'playing' with Clare. Also, Ophelia seemed to despise people who try to sacrifice themselves in order to protect others, particularly weaker individuals. This stemmed from a misinterpretation of her brother's sacrifice to save her life, possibly because the truth of it was too painful for her to accept.

Broken mind

When Ophelia awakened, she was initially unaware of her new state of being. Due to her innate hate for Awakened Beings, she subconsciously denied having awakened. Instead, she attributed her increase appetite as being normal and saw nothing weird in wanting to eat human entrails.

In her awakened state, Ophelia's personality traits were greatly magnified. Her manic state before awakening was increased to full-blown mania. She displayed signs of hyper-aggression, fixation and recklessness. She became so one-track minded in her attempt to kill Clare that she disregarded her own physical well being, resulting in the loss of both her arms and massive bodily trauma. Any form of self control she had prior to her awakening was lost, and she became a victim of her own neuroticism. In the end, she suffered a severe psychotic breakdown, and chose suicide over her current state of existence. Only by dying, did she finally regain her long lost humanity.

Powers and Abilities

Hybrid Physiology

Head twisting

Ophelia had many abilities derived from an energy called yoki, which she gained from becoming a half-human, half-yoma hybrid. However, her abilities were considerably more enhanced than the average warrior. Like all warriors, Ophelia possessed increased strength, speed, durability, agility and reflexes. She could take extreme amounts of blunt force trauma, such as falls from great heights and heavy impacts. She was quicker than the average warrior and had, on numerous occasions, been able to catch her opponents off guard with her speed alone. She was fast enough to catch Clare, despite the latter having a significant lead. She also possessed a healing factor that allowed her to recover from harm. The full extent of her healing factor was never displayed, but it allowed her to continue fighting, despite her neck being broken and her head twisted 180 degrees.

In addition to all the abilities listed above, Ophelia, like all warriors, could augment her abilities by releasing yoki. By doing so, Ophelia could increase her speed and strength, thereby raising her physical output. This yoki could also be used to increase her healing factor, allowing her to heal from more severe wounds that her body normally would not be able to. This increase in her abilities was not permanent and would return to normal levels when she reduced her yoki output.

For more information on yoki or the abilities which all warriors of the Organization possess, please view the following page.

Rippling Sword

You can't give yourself a nickname

Ophelia invented this sword technique by swiftly vibrating her arm. The vibrations then travel to her sword causing it to undulate and appear as though it was rippling. This optical illusion makes it extremely difficult for an opponent to block the attack, as one cannot read the sword's movements in advance or effectively guard against the technique. When Ophelia used it against Clare, she was unable to block the technique, despite being able to read Ophelia's movements. Every time Clare raised her sword to block the incoming attack, the sword would 'snake' around her blade as though it simply went around it. However, this technique is not infallible. When Ophelia used the technique against Ilena, it was easily blocked by her quick sword. Exactly how this sword technique works remains a mystery.

One could hypothesize that Ophelia's rippling sword bypasses an enemy's defenses by quickly changing the course of her blade's movement at the last moment. When her enemy raises her sword in defense, Ophelia's vibrating arm quickly changes the direction of the blade, creating the illusion of it bending around the enemy's blade.

Jealous at how many of her fellow warriors had special names and epithets, Ophelia stated that she created this technique so that she may be called 'Rippling Ophelia'. Despite this, none called her by this name because Ophelia killed nearly everyone who witnessed her using this technique. Instead, due to her violent nature, she was infamously called the 'Blood-Smeared Wicked Warrior'.

Magic trick
Like a snake


The following are her ratings from the Organization:

  • Yoki: A
  • Agility: A
  • Muscular Strength: A
  • Spirit: C
  • Perception: B+
  • Leadership: C

Awakened Form

Awakened Being Physiology

Awakened form

After awakening, Ophelia gained a large serpentine appearance. The upper-half of her body remained humanoid in shape, while her lower-half resembled that of a snake. The snake part of her body was several times longer than that of her upper body. It was also much thicker than her upper body and appeared to be covered in scales. The upper-half of her body appeared unclothed, as the entirety of Ophelia's breasts were clearly visible. Her arms appeared elongated and vaguely metallic in appearance, along with her shoulders, as though her uniform fused with her body upon awakening. At the end of her arms were exceptionally large hands, and instead of fingers, Ophelia had long sharp claws. Protruding from her back were three sickle like appendages. Two of them were placed in a way reminiscent of wings, with the third one being located directly behind her head, where her ponytail used to be. Due to her reptilian appearance, Ophelia had no hair on her head, instead they were replaced with hair-like appendages, which seemed fleshy in nature. Her face remained, for the most part, the same. She still retained her elf-like ears and overall facial features, though more grotesque in appearance.

Her alternate appearance
Her awakened appearance

Powers and Abilities

Black Mamba

In her awakened form, Ophelia gained increased speed, durability, and offensive capabilities. She was capable of moving quickly and was agile enough to dodge attacks, despite her large frame. She was durable enough to block sword attacks with her bare hands and was unhurt by a sword strike to the face. She was skilled enough to use her body to her advantage, using her serpentine tail to trap and attack Clare. In addition to these augmented attributes, she gained some abilities unique to her awakened state. She was able to produce blade-like appendages from her body, when enraged, to attack her foes. Her face also distorts into a monstrous appearance when angry. She also developed the ability to move her vital organs to different parts of her body, making it more difficult to kill her. After moving her vital parts to the tip of her tail, Ophelia displayed the ability to shoot tentacle-like outgrowths from her main body. These allow her to impale her victims in multiple spots and keep them immobilized. Despite having never shown any regenerative capabilities, Ophelia stated to Clare that she would start regenerating if Clare did not kill her.

She's a little rough around the edges


The following are her ratings from the Organization:

  • Yoki: SS
  • Agility: SSS
  • Strength: SS
  • Invulnerability: S
  • Intelligence: SS

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