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Ootah is the sentient computer controlling its own planet in the Negative Zone. Forty thousand "life cycles" ago Ootah was an enclosed city which had expanded to cover half the planet. The city allowed everyone living with in it to live in peaceful luxury. The "Wise Ones" (scientists) of Ootah worked to create a living brain for the city which would then control all mechanical structures within it. They subsequently commanded the newborn creature to bring forth perfection. It apparently decided perfection could not co-exist with humanoid races. It revealed an unforseen power to manipulate the emotions of the humanoids, generating a great fear which forced them all to flee to the other half of the planet. That part was covered by forests and planets. Attempting to adapt to it led the people to savagery.

Over the following millennia Ootah continued building its defensive walls and weaponry, determined to keep the humanoids outside. Meanwhile the savages outside had renaimed themselves the "Children of Ootah" and started worshipping the sentient city as a deity. From time to time they would choose the "Brides of Ootah". These young women were chosen as ritual offerings to the deity. They would be left next to the walls of the city, consequently incinerated by Ootah's lasers. It viewed them as humanoids attempting forced entry while the Children believed their deity accepted their sacrifice.

The Fantastic Four arrived on the planet to find out what was actually going on. Ootah simply viewed the humanoids as germs infecting it and was acting out of self-preservation.

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