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Like all Yuuzhan Vong weapons and devices, the Ooglith Masquer is a living organism. There are two kinds of Ooglith Masquer, Cloakers and Maquers. The Cloaker is the most common and basic kind which gives the wear some protection. They can vary from basic bodysuits to heavy armour used for battle and can even protect the wearer from harsh environments such deep water or the vacuum of space. The Yuuzhan Vong use the Masquer as a disguise so they can infiltrate alien species.
In 25 ABY the Yuuzhan Vong had only just began their invasion of the galaxy but they had already planted agents on many different planets. One such agent was on the Outer Rim planet of Artorias. Using an Ooglith Masquer he disguised himself as an Artorian engineer and sabotaged the planets communication centre so no one could warn the Artorians of the incoming Yuuzhan Vong invasion fleet.

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