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Lady Katrana's real name is Onyxia, the mother of black dragons. She is the daughter of the aspect of death called Deathwing. Lady Katrana served at the royal court in Stormwind in a human disguise with the intent to manipulate the king at the time, she was eventually exposed by Marshal Windsor with the help of a few others.

After her true identity was revealed she fled to the Dustwallow Marsh where she was eventually found and defeated by King Varian Wrynn who brought her head back to stormwind where it was displayed at the town gates as a trophy.

At one point she is resurrected as a kind of zombie dragon with the help of her father Deathwing, as well as her brother Nefarian, but she is eventually defeated once again.


Onyxia was created by Blizzard Entertainment as a raid boss for their MMoRPG World Of Warcraft.

Other Media

Video Games

World Of Warcraft

Onyxia is featured in World Of warcraft as a NPC and a major raid boss.

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