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Proper Japanese Title: Namida (涙)

Luffy and crew must contend with "Saw-Tooth" Arlong and his nasty Fish-Man pirates. Arlong's pirates specialize in using mafia tactics to squeeze the lifeblood from innocent villagers. Needless to say, it comes as a big surprise to everyone that pirate-hating Nami is actually a member of Arlong's crew!

Always trusting, Luffy won't believe anything until he's had a nap and a good meal. In the interim, however, Luffy's crew meets up with Nojiko, Nami's tangerine-growing sister, and the residents of Coco Village. They reveal Nami's tragic pact with Arlong and her dreams for the future. Will Luffy and crew step in to help out Coco Village and their resident pirate Nami?

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 72 - Proper Living (分相応 "Bunsō'ō")
  • Chapter 73 - Monsters of the Grand Line (偉大なる航路から来た怪物 "Gurando Rain kara Kita Kaibutsu")
  • Chapter 74 - Business (仕事 "Bijinesu")
  • Chapter 75 - Of Maps and Fish-Men (海図と魚人 "Kaizu to Gyōjin")
  • Chapter 76 - Sleep (ねる "Neru")
  • Chapter 77 - The First Step Toward a Dream (夢の一歩 "Yume no Ippo")
  • Chapter 78 - Belle-Mere (ベルメールさん "Berumēru-san")
  • Chapter 79 - To Live (生きる "Ikiru")
  • Chapter 80 - A Thief is a Thief (罪は罪 "Tsumi wa Tsumi")
  • Chapter 81 - Tears (涙 "Namida")

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