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Proper Japanese Title: Mikazuki (三日月)

The villagers do not believe Usopp as he warns them about the impending pirate invasion. Unable to make the townspeople flee, he decides to prevent the raiding party from reaching them. Impressed by his courage, the Straw Hat Pirates join in. They spend the night in preparation, planning to stop the Black Cat Pirates right at the coast. However, they pick the wrong side of the village to protect and, once they realize their mistake, have to make great haste to reach the opposing coast. The fight goes well for them, even though they entered it unprepared and greatly outnumbered. Then Kuro himself—angered by the raiding party's delay—appears on the battlefield; as does Kaya, in a futile attempt to negotiate a compromise.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 27. "True Lies" (筋 "Suji")
  • Chapter 28. "Crescent Moon" (三日月 "Mikazuki")
  • Chapter 29. "Uphill Battle" (坂道 "Sakamichi")
  • Chapter 30. "Backfire (Great!!!)"
  • Chapter 31. "Truth" (真実 "Shinjitsu")
  • Chapter 32. "Cruel Fortune" (大凶 "Daikyō")
  • Chapter 33. "The Creeping Cat" (音無き男 "Otonaki Otoko")
  • Chapter 34. "A Humble Servant" (執事クラハドール "Shitsuji Kurahadōru")
  • Chapter 35. "The Steep Slope" (ネオ坂道 "Neo Sakamichi")

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