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Proper Japanese Title: "Senki" Waipā (「戦鬼」ワイパー)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 256. "Berserker" Wiper ( 「戦鬼」ワイパー , "Senki" Waipā )
  • Chapter 257. Dial Battle ( 貝バトル , Daiaru Batoru )
  • Chapter 258. Multiple Ways South ( いろんな南 , Iron na Minami )
  • Chapter 259. Pirate Zoro vs. Warrior Braham ( 海賊ゾロvs戦士ブラハム , Kaizoku Zoro vs Senshi Burahamu )
  • Chapter 260. Pirate Luffy vs. Berserker Wiper ( 海賊ルフィvs戦鬼ワイパー , Kaizoku Rufi vs Senki Waipā )
  • Chapter 261. Warrior Genbou vs. God's Forces Commander Yama ( 戦士ゲンボウvs神兵長ヤマ , Senshi Genbō vs Shinpeichō Yama )
  • Chapter 262. Pirate Chopper vs. Priest Gedatsu ( 海賊チョッパーvs神官ゲダツ , Kaizoku Choppā vs Shinkan Gedatsu )
  • Chapter 263. Pirate Nami and the Weird Knight vs. God's Forces Subcommanders Hotori and Kotori ( 海賊ナミと変な騎士vs副神兵長ホトリとコトリ , Kaizoku Nami to Hen na Kishi vs Fukushinpeichō Hotori to Kotori )
  • Chapter 264. Warrior Kamakiri vs. God Eneru ( 戦士カマキリvs神・エネル , Senshi Kamakiri vs Goddo Eneru )

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