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Proper Japanese Title: Versus!! Bagī Kaizoku-Dan (Versus!! バギー海賊団)

When Luffy tries to recruit her into his crew, Nami takes advantage of his trust. She ties him up and makes him a present to the Pirate Captain Buggy the Clown, passing him off as her former boss. She then attempts to join Buggy's crew, intending to steal his treasures, but fails his test of loyalty as she is unable fire a cannon, aimed at Luffy, who is being held in a small cage. Just then, Zoro arrives to save his captain and cuts Buggy to pieces. However, thanks to his devil fruit ability, Buggy survives and—while Zoro attempts to free Luffy—stabs him in the back. Despite his wound and carrying his caged captain on his shoulder, Zoro escapes. Buggy sends the beast tamer Mohji after them. Luffy fights and defeats Mohji, while Zoro takes a nap. Later, Luffy and a refreshed Zoro return to face Buggy's crew. Zoro defeats the acrobatic swordsman Cabaji. After that, Zoro's wounds make him unable to fight, leaving Luffy to deal with Buggy, one on one.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 9. "Femme Fatale" (魔性の女 "Mashō no Onna"?)
  • Chapter 10. "Incident at the Tavern" (酒場の一件 "Sakaba no Ikken"?)
  • Chapter 11. "Flight" (敗走 "Haisō"?)
  • Chapter 12. "Dog" (犬 "Inu"?)
  • Chapter 13. "Treasure" (宝物 "Takaramono"?)
  • Chapter 14. "Reckless" (無謀っ!! "Mubō!!"?)
  • Chapter 15. "Gong"
  • Chapter 16. "Versus Buggy's Crew" (Versus!! バギー海賊団 Versus!! "Bagī Kaizoku-Dan"?)
  • Chapter 17. "High Level, Low Level" (格 "Kaku"?)

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