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On a mission to the Absolom sector, the crew of the Kree ship Pama went on a mission to locate a Kree admiral. Among the crew was Captain Mar-vell who along with medic Una were besieged by Brood that had inhabited the planet. The entirety of the Kree became infected with Brood embryos with the last two not going through the process being Mar-vell and Una. Onboard the Pama, medic Una managed to alter the Omni-Wave Projector in order to purge the Brood embryo within herself whereupon she used the process on Captain Mar-vell when the Brood side began to dominate his mind. Thus, the two become the only survivors of the mission to the planet though Mar-vell later used the final charge in the projector to cure the infected Yonn-Rogg.

The Lunatic Legion established a base of operations at the Blue Area of the Moon where they acquired an Omni-Wave Projector. This machine was powered by a captured human reactor and linked to a stolen sample of the Terrigen Mists of the Inhumans. Galen Kor and the Legion intended to use this set-up to fire an altered Omni-Wave at Earth. The effect of such an attack would be the transformation of the world's human population into pure breed blue Kree whilst Mutants and super-powered beings would die from the attack. However, Kor's plan failed due to the intervention of Quicksilver, the Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye and Lockjaw.

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