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Omnibus was another one of the gamma mutated followers of the Leader.
 The Leader
He was traveling encyclopedia salesman Burt Horowitz who happened to be in Middletown at the time when Leader detonated a gamma bomb.  All of the townspeople died but five, including Horowitz, survived.  Those left alive got superpowers and took on the identities of Soul Man, Ogress, Jailbait, Hotshot, and Omnibus (Horowitz).  Horowitz gained super intelligence as a result of the radiation.  They were placed as guardians of the Leader's sanctuary for people dying of radiation poisoning, the Freehold.  Soul Man was placed in
charge of both the facility and the team.  
The team battled Hulk and received new members Rock and Redeemer, but Soul Man was killed.  Omnibus was appointed to replace him.    
After gaining power Omnibus tried to incite a nuclear war by staging various terrorist attacks across the world to cause hostilities among countries. He believed that a war was inevitable and just wanted to speed things up so that he could rule the world once
Jailbait discovered Omnibus's sinister plan.
everyone else was dead. During this time he became possessed by the recently deceased Leader and he grew increasingly paranoid. Jailbait found out his plans for global destruction and exposed him to the citizens of Freehold. In order to prevent the world war that Omnibus was trying to start, Hulk posed as Maestro and said that he was the one behind all of the terrorist attacks. The Hulk then battled a psychotic Thor and had an atomic bomb dropped on him, with the threat believed destroyed international relations returned to normal. When the citizens of Freehold
 The Leader's meddling caused both the creation and death of the Omnibus!
found out about the plans of Omnibus they sentenced him to death. He was abandoned in the middle of nowhere and eaten by a polar bear.

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