Is Omega Red dead for good?

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I have yet to read the Wolverine: Origins issue where Omega Red is killed, but I was just wondering if anyone could explain to me exactly how it happens and if there's a possibility of him coming back. He's one of my favourite characters and I'd hate to see him gone for good.

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@Danial79: Is anybody gone for good in comics?
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@Danial79: Logan used the Muramasa Blade to kill Omega Red. The Muramasa Blade negates healing factors.  That is why Omega Red perished. 
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he'll be back  along wit sabretooth,wildc hild and who ever wolverine killed in dat run no one is ever dead in comics but sucks dat we aint gon to get more stories wit him in em
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Omega red cannot really die. He does not "heal" like other with healing factors. He siffons Life Force with his Death Factor power. All he needs to do, is touch someone to drain them of Life Force, and it works. As you grow weaker, he gains strength and comes back to life.

I'm betting there is a connection between Omega Red and Romulus too.

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Yes, he's dead. The new gang appearing in Wolverine is using pieces of his armor / technology, IIRC.


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