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The new GUARDIAN's stunning introduction! You know you want it.

After defeating Sasquatch last issue, the Wrecking Crew bring him, in chains to meet with some demons. Little do they know that they are being watched.

Back at headquarters, Talisman continues to let out her rage at Michael Pointer over the death of her father and Alpha Flight. He sits imobolized without saying a word. She lets out her powers in anger over the idea of Pointer being the new Guardian. Agent Brown tries explaining again that Pointer wasn't to blame. He was being used by the Collective and is as much a victim as everyone else. He also needs the suit to help control the power that is left and Omega Flight needs a Guardian. Talisman raises her hand to Pointer's face as her power builds up. With tears in his eyes, Pointer begs her to go ahead and do it. This makes her hestitate. She then questions having an American wearing the Guardian suit. Agent Brown explains that Alpha Flight wasn't about being Canadian but rather serving Canada. They are interrupted by a news report of the Wrecking Crew's rampage as Talisman is about to leave to find Sasquatch. They can see on the television that he is beaten and bound by the Wrecking Crew. They prepare to go to his rescue but USAgent refuses to have Pointer go with them. He doesn't want an untrained rookie watching his back. Talisman also says she will not work with her father's murderer. Michael Pointer is left alone.

The Wrecking Crew have found the doorway to another dimension. They seek the power that is said to be within. They are met by a giant demon that congratulates them on their destruction. He and his demons plan to devour the Earth. The man following them reveals himself and transforms into Beta Ray Bill. He begins to fight the Wrecking Crew. Fighting both the Wrecking Crew and the demons proves to be too much as Beta Ray Bill lets off a powerful blast. He falls and smashes into the ground. Wrecker takes advantage of Beta Ray Bill's weaken state and prepares to continue to beat him.

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