razzatazz's O.M.A.C. #7 - Overnight, Mysterious Animals Converse review

Whenever I see humans, I see trouble

To be honest out of the first of the first wave of the new 52 to be canceled, this series is the one that I will really feel a sense of loss over.  Not that it has necessarily been good, but it has always been entertaining to a certain degree.  After this issue though it is easy to see why this series is going away.  It has a bit too much of the zany approach to comics that marred the first series of the character way back when.  Here Kevin has to deal with both Superman and some anthropomorphized animals in a zoo in Toledo (the one in Ohio.)  Of course it goes without saying that this is non sequitur to the remainder of the series, but then again much of the series has been like that.  As the second last issue to go it is kind of too bad to see this series go, but I understand why.  Maybe he can join Justice League International, I hear they are always hiring.  


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