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The last OMAC managed to escape Firestorm - now he finds himself in Las Vegas, but still with a deadly mission to complete at the heart of the United States' military. Success in this mission will unleash an even greater danger, but what chance do any of Earth's heroes have against the One Man Army Corps? And while the man who has become OMAC is far from the war machine that is OMAC, what hope does he have to prevent freedom's downfall when he doesn't even know the menace he carries inside him?

After battling Firestorm, Michael Costner finds himself in Las Vegas still not knowing that he is Brother EYE’s last remaining OMAC and just assuming he is coming down from a bad trip. Michael quickly uses his pickpocketing skills to lift a tourist’s wallet and finds a casino to try his luck. At the blackjack table Michael hits it big and keeps winning which draws the attention of the pit boss and his two goons. Michael is being taken away when he realizes he can hear what the pit boss is saying to his goons through their ear pieces.

Michael uses his OMAC strength and quickness to get away from the goons and finds himself in Vienna’s dressing room. For some reason she takes pity on Michael, she later says it was cause of his eyes and helps him escape, but he is later picked up by the Las Vegas Police.

While in the back of the squad car Brother EYE finds his rogue OMAC and transforms Michael into a OMAC once again. This draws the attention of Cyborg and Firestorm, who were at the Hoover Dam fixing the damage from Firestorm and Michael last battle. When the heroes get to Las Vegas they fight Michael to a standstill but Michael destroys a tower and Firestorm and Cyborg have to let him go so they can save the bystanders.

This time Michael flies all the way to Alaska where there is a military base that is housing the last fragment of Brother EYE. Michael is forced to obey Brother EYE’s commands and kills several of the military guard before he begins to upload the Brother EYE program.







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