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Old Woman is a member of the Avatars and servant to the Mandarin. Her true name and origin are shrouded in mystery and seems to be empowered by mystical forces. Old Woman and several Avatars would come into conflict with Force Works when they try to rescue Tony Stark in the Mandarin's fortress. Old Woman can manipulate the elements with her staff and uses her powers to bring the stone floor to life. The floor encases the legs of the US Agent but he is freed by Julia Carpenter. The webbed beauty yanks US Agent loose and slingshots him into Old Woman. The Avatars lose this scuffle and Tony Stark is free from the clutches of the Mandarin. Eventually the Mandarin is defeated when Iron Man infects him with the techno-organic virus. Old Woman and the Avatars disappear after the Mandarin meets his apparent demise. Several of the Avatars would resurface in New York opposing the Superhuman Registration Act but Old Woman was not present at that time.


Old Woman was created by Andy Lanning, Dan Abnett and Dave Taylor in 1994 and first appeared in Force Works # 6.

Powers & Abilities

Old Woman is an elemental sculptress and can manipulate the earthly elements with her staff.

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