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The Gods of Zenn-La watched over the Zenn-Lavians for centuries and even lived among them. Over time, they all grew complacent and the belief in them faded, to the point where the gods no longer believed in their people as well.   One primary reason for this was due to the Thrann, the Saint of Science.  He taught the Zenn-Lavians to embrace science and follow a path of pure reason.  This turned Zenn-la into a virtual utopia, but had the unintentional effect of ceasing belief in the gods.  The gods attempted to reconnect through miracles, but each miracle was analyzed to the last detail and some sort of rational explanation given.  The irony of the Zenn-Lavians following his path, but ceasing to belief in him and the other gods was not lost on Thrann.
When Galactus came to destroy Zenn-La, the Gods ignored their prayers for help, even though they would not have been able to stop him. It was the sacrifice of an average Zenn-Lan named Norrin Radd who saved the planet and became the Silver Surfer. The Gods looked at this event as shameful on their part.  
Thrann had calculated the coming of Mikaboshi.  He and the other gods gathered to discuss how to handle the situation.  Some wanted to either flee or negotiate, but in the end they agreed to fight.  The Gods gathered together to face the evil Mikaboshi, but were unable to stop him. They were absorbed into his being to add to his power.    Presumable, he was recreated when Hercules recreated the multiverse at the end of Chaos War.

Prominent Members

 Thrann, the Saint of Science
Iroxx, a type of war god
The Dark One, a devil figure
Siri Ullall, a mother goddess or figure of compassion.

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