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Vanisher and the Legacy Virus
As the recently ressurected Bastion moves forward with his plans, X-Force are forced to turn a blind eye to his schemes as an even deadlier one has emerged: someone's stolen the Legacy Virus!

As Archangel copes with his transformations, X-Force head after the man they believe to have the Legacy Virus: Vanisher!  But what does this have to do with Domino?  And Wolverine getting shot in the head?  Also, Warpath heads to Coste Verde Camp to visit his brother's grave, but what's going on down there?

Warpath is continuously beat down, by none other than the apparant Demon Bear!  But who's his new ally who cycles to his aid?  And after capturing Vanisher, X-Force head out to find the true holders of the Legacy Virus: the Marauders, but are confronted by Cameron Hodge's the Right!

As a battle ensues in Japan between X-Force and the Right, X-23 is infected with the Virus!  But she must complete her mission, and the only answer: suicide.  But, is it the only answer?  And with his new ally, Ghost Rider, Warpath connects to his spiritual side, and both battle the Demon Bear, only to discover something startling! 

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