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Olbar is a large, primitive man. He is the chief of a small yet productive village of primitive humans. We first meet Olbar during a period where the elves are still highly mistrustful of humans. Another village of humans was led by their Shaman in the name of "Gotara" to burn the elves original home, after all.

The main qualities of Olbar are joviality and strength. No humans oppose his rule directly. He assists Cutter, and becomes the third human friend that he makes, after with Nonna & Adar. Olbar points the Questing pair towards blue mountain, and warns the elves about the Forest of Endless Sleep.

Olbar has a daughter named Selah who elopes with her lover. She enters "endless sleep" in order to escape her father's wrathful judgment. She is cut-free in EQ#10 by Cutter but nearly killed by Nightfall.

Olbar's brother is an agile thief who is in cahoots with a dwarflike medicine woman. The pair conspires to steal the magick of Skywise's lodestone. The thief had juduciously had his name revoked by Olbar, and nearly kills Skywise and Cutter in EQ#9.

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