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Olalla is the daughter of the Lord Elder Kalahia. Like the rest of the Kalahalians, she was genetically modified to be able to control her elasticity to a molecular level. When a human known as Bruce Dickson discovered the hidden sub-dimension of Kalahia in the Himalayas, she fell in love with him as Dickson learnt to control his own elasticity and became the superhero known as Thin Man. The two were later wed as Thin Man returned to the real world to share Kalahalian teachings during the war.


Olalla was created by an unknown writer and artist Klaus Nordling and first appeared in Mystic Comics #4.

Character Evolution

In the Golden Age of Comics, Olalla was the female sidekick and lover to the superhero Thin Man. She accompanied him on missions and would fly his plane. She was not featured alongside Thin Man in the Bronze Age series The Invaders. Her fate was revealed in 2005's The New Invaders where Thin Man's origin was re-explored and slightly modified.

Major Story Arcs

Cruel and Unusual

Capturing the terrorist known as The Necromancer, Thin Man interrogated him which led to him getting introspective about his own origin. Not long after Dickson had become the Kalahalians champion on Earth, his enemy Agent Axis swore revenge on him and managed to track down Kalahia himself. Agent Axis butchered and murdered most of the Kalahalians and any remnants of the civilization and people were looted and purged many years later by Axis Mundi. Olalla was slain alongside the rest of the Kalahalians, to which Thin Man sworn vengeance against Agent Axis.

Powers and Abilities

Olalla is able to alter her body's molecule structure so she can stretch herself like elastic. She is also immune to disease and aging.

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