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It is the Spring of 1110 in the official calendar of the Pajan Empire. Okko is called upon to assist the daughter of Lady Mayudama, who has retreated into a profound silence. The best doctors have been unable to provide even a diagnosis of her condition. Okko may prove to be her last resort. But a strange force that has been prowling around the region for over a week has also arranged a meeting with the ronin for a duel of incomparable violence... Collects all four issues of Okko: The Cycle of Air mini-series.

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Okko the Ronin heads a small group of demon hunters roaming the empire of Pajan. In his company are Noburo, the enigmatic giant who hides his face behind a red mask; Noshin, the whimsical monk and lover of sake with the power to summon and commune with the spirits of nature; and last but not least, the young fisherman Tikku, who has become a member of the group in his own right, and whom Noshin teaches the secrets of his art.

Summoned to the bedsides of a girl tormented by a demon, Okko revisits traces of his past in a village where blood was once spilled. As bad omens proliferate, he must confront the son of a man he killed long ago and save the life of /noburo, who has become the quarry of fearsome and legendary demon hunter.

The Cycle of Air is the third volume of five in master French artist Hub's epic tale of Okko the Ronin and his adventures in the Time of Mists.







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