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free gift from issue two - the badge kit

Pitched as a 'Junior Viz' or 'anti-Beano', Oink! was so much more. Following the preview issue (given away free with Whizzer & Chips, Eagle and 2000AD), the fortnightly Oink! launched the next week. Issue one had a free gift vinyl flexi-disc with two exclusive Oink! related songs.

Oink! had an eclectic cast of characters including porcine editor Uncle Pigg and his arch-nemesis Mary Lighthouse, Harry the Head, Horace (ugly-face) Watkins and Lew Stringer's creations - Tom Thug and Pete Throb (both went on to star in Buster comic, when Oink! folded after 68 issues).

Famous creators include Charlie Brooker and BBC radio presenter Marc (Snatcher Sam) Riley.

puss excreting alien - Burp

Originally fortnightly, Oink! went weekly following popular demand (starting with issue 45), then finally monthly as sales dipped.

Oink! ran for 68 issues between 1986 and 1988. There were many spin-off's including four Holiday Specials, two Yearbooks, one Winter Special, a series of paperback reprints (Uncle Pigg's Crackling Tales) and a 16-page computer comic given away free with CRASH magazine to promote the Oink! computer game in 1987.

A true unique, Oink's creators were mostly UK cartoonists from the world of newspaper and magazine giving it a distinct style, very different to other British humour comics of the time.

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